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Relevant. Honest. Unfiltered. In-depth gun reviews & tests, firearms news, product releases, training and more. RECOILtv gives you immediate and unrestricted access to all of the best 2A videos. From testing the latest guns to giving in-depth product reviews and expert tutorials, RECOILtv will leverage the expertise you trust to bring you the content you deserve. As ideologues, social justice warriors, and handwringing lefties slowly censor your online information, RECOIL will give you the scoop. Download it by clicking one of the links below:




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At Recoil our goal is to entertain, educate, edify, enthrall, and perhaps even enlighten you. Let’s face it, conventional media outlets are censoring the kind of information freedom-loving Americans have enjoyed for years. Somebody had to do something, and we reckoned that somebody ought to be us. Just as RECOIL magazine gives you no-holds-barred insight into the modern American gun lifestyle, RECOILtv will also bring you an unfettered, honest, politically incorrect (and occasionally profane) video look at things.

Video: Here's What RECOILtv is all about


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