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Monday Morning Carry: Gray Guns To Xikar

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Continuing down my path of slowly killing myself with artificial sweetener, I start my day with an energy drink not coffee. Today’s EDC is again based on a .45 other than a 1911. My love for the 1911 runs deep, but sometimes its just more comfortable to carry a more compact gun with the same number of bullets in the magazine. This brings me to my HK45c, which has been heavily worked over by Bruce Gray at Gray Guns, and one of my preferred EDC “loadouts.”


Monday Morning Carry: Gray Guns To Xikar

The HK out of the box leaves much to be desired in the trigger department, but after a trip to Gray Guns it's a very different animal. The HK is fed with Hornady 230 gr +P JHP – XTP’s. I keep a 7 round magazine in the gun to keep my printing to a minimum, backed up by a 10 round for the unlikely event stuff gets weird. The small HK is housed in a Garrett Industries Silent Thunder holster, which very securely holds the pistol either carried in appendix or at five o’clock position.

Moving onto one of my favorite little EDC fixed blades, I frequently carry my Rustick Knives EDC. The little knife is thick enough to be used as a small pry bar, yet with a fine enough point for intricate tasks. The little kydex holster supplied with the knife rides well in the small of the back without being too heavy.


Then onto the famously simple G-Shock which through the years I find myself coming back to. After breaking or flooding out a number of more expensive dive and tacti-cool watches the old faithful G-shock just keeps ticking along regardless of what i beat it on.

With the record heat we are seeing this summer the sun has been brutal so my Maui Jim Wold Cup sunglasses have been putting in some hours. Polarized with some really good lenses I’ve been very happy with them although I won’t be using them as range wear anytime soon.


While relaxing in the evening it’s always nice to light up a nice cigar. My personal favorites are the Padron anniversary line of cigars, but I’m not wealthy enough to smoke a 20 dollar cigar a day; their lesser expensive Padron Series cigars are a pretty good value, so that's my first choice. My cutter of choice has been Xikar for years. They have an amazing warranty and from all accounts I’ve been told are super pro military, which of course helps earn my business.


We'll soon open this up to reader contributions, if you'd care to send us your pictures and an explanation. Meantime, let us know in the comments — what do you carry, and why?

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