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IGWM – In God We Must American Made Wearables

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In God We Must‘s tagline is American Made Provisions & Apparel. They are a small American-made apparel and jewelry business that, according to their own description, “…creates custom rings and provisions for the unique kind.” Based in South Carolina and just recently celebrated their one year anniversary. I love the craftsmanship of artisan Elijah Richards (born and raised in Marietta, GA) and I  appreciate the ethos of the company attitude. In particular I enjoy the idea that one should, Live a long adventurous life and never grow old.

Damn skippy.

Among the IGWM product line: denim and suede 5-panel hats, “Big Boy Rings” that will fit you larger fellows with fingers like sausages (looking at you Zeke, Matt and Steve), assorted statehood-related products like rings and tag necklaces (from all 50 states, including quarter and half dollar sized), wheat penny midi rings from old wheat pennies, statehood bars and more. As an example, here's some of Elijah's work that features two of the three greatest states in the Union.

In God We Must - 3

In God We Must - 4


What's a statehood bar? Says IGWM,

“We first punch, sand, dome, and bend the coin into a ring – and then we cut, heat & hammer to perfection. It is quite the process, but seeing them completed and presented in another form, other than a coin, is satisfying.”

In God We Must - 1

In God We Must - 2

Note that all the jewelry is made by hand. Elijah explains,

“To me, the greatest feeling in the world is accomplishing something with your own two hands. Not made by machine, not on an assembly line, but with your cracked skin, dirty fingernails & bloody palms of your hands (Ok, there isn't blood ALL the time) – it sounds gross, but that's the reality of buying something handmade from ANYONE. Thank you guys, for all of your continual support throughout all of this. I never planned to have any of what you see – but it's all thanks to you. I'm excited to share the future with everyone, and continue making things for you guys. Thank you!

In God We Must - 12IGWM, they say, is a business based around the concept of the Land of the Free, “…making your own path and respecting others' personal and religious freedoms and liberties–which is why our icon is our rendition of the iconic Don't Tread On Me coiled snake. Individually its rattles produce no sound, but united they can be heard by all; and while it does not attack unless provoked, it is deadly to step upon one.”

In God We Must - 5

In God We Must - 6

It's important to support individual artisans and entrepreneurs. In this case it's a no-brainer. God and Country? Of course I'm going to support that. Plus they have Jake and Captain, a pair of shop dogs. Huge sign you're dealing with quality people. If they liked cats I'd be much more leery. Anyway, I like the message, I like the patriotic theme, I even like their sense of humor.

“Washington Quarter Rings…I love the simplicity of them, and the message it holds. Each of these have a year on the back of them that range anywhere from '65 to '98 — perfect for anniversaries, birth years or even that one year you finally got a holographic Blastoise in your Pokemon Booster Pack.”

In God We Must - 7 In God We Must - 8

You can follow In God We Must on Instagram (@ingodwemust) right here. Check them out on Facebook here or of course on their home page here.

Recently the craftsman behind IGWM posted the following message. Take a few minutes to read it.

“One year ago today I was packing up my stuff in Marietta, GA – getting ready to move to Florence SC. I didn't have much of anything, I had just lost my job, was recently diagnosed with T1D, couldn't afford any of my bills, but I had a chance to play guitar with some of my best friends at Newspring Church here in SC – and that's all I really had going for me. My girlfriend (now fiancé) moved up with me, lived about an hour away – and things were tough for both of us. I made these rings for some extra money so I could pay my insurance bill and insulin co pays (which are ungodly by the way) – I was looking for a job over here to make things easier, but couldn't find much of anything. So I took what I had with this crazy thing I now get to call a business, and just started running as fast as I could. There have been ups and downs, lots of learning, and lots of improvements – and slowly but surely, IGWM started to grow, but I couldn't have built this thing without any of the people who have supported me along the way, to everyone that follows me, purchased items from me, promoted me, encouraged me and uplifted me.. I couldn't have done this without you. This isn't just me. It's all of us. And if there is one thing I've learned from this so far, it is that diligence & hard work pay off in the end, no matter what you are doing. Follow your dreams, work for yourself, live wherever you'd like, nothing is stopping you – never lose sight of your goals, your dreams, your ambitions & NEVER be afraid to stick your neck out there and show people what you've got to offer, even if it isn't that great at first – that's where the hard work and diligence will prove fruitful….

In God We Must - 11

…This is a picture of the first ring I ever made, the one that caught my attention and gave me a drive to keep doing it. It's probably the ugliest most beat thing ever, but it's my ugly ring – and this is where I started. You've gotta start somewhere.. So why not now? I love you guys & I couldn't be doing any of this without you. Shalom Y'all.”

In God We Must - 9

In God We Must - 10

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