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Imported 9×21 Glock 17 For Sale On Gunbroker

Every now and then there is a seemingly mundane gun listed on Gunbroker that catches your attention after closer inspection. The 9×21 Glock 17 that Texas Machine Gun has listed is one of those guns.

If you aren't familiar with the 9×21 cartridge, it was developed by Israel Military Industries for parts of the world that ban civilian possession of military cartridges. The 9×21 will launch a 115-grain bullet a touch faster than 9×19 at 1,300 fps and has a bit larger of a case capacity. While the case is a bit longer, the bullet is set further in the case keeping the overall length of the cartridge the same as a 9×19.

The same overall cartridge length results in a rarely seen in the US Glock that looks like every other Glock 17 on the planet.


Texas-based importer Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance imported the 9×21 Glock from Italy after a long 2-year wait.


You will notice a few proof markings that you normally wouldn't see on a US market pistol. The CIP N mark indicates that the pistol was a compulsory proof performed by a C.I.P. approved proof house.


We can tell you that the proof was performed in Austria from the eagle proof mark, but can't make out the number in the center that indicates Ferlach or Vienna. Given the Austria Glock factory's location, I would bet on it being a Ferlach proofed gun.


Try as I might, I couldn't identify the ZWY stamp on the frame of the pistol. If anyone has any information, drop it in the comments, please.


The magazines are also rather unique in that they appear to be Italian market only. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate why the 15-round mag was required for Italy since it appears that magazine capacity for pistols is capped at 20 rounds. Again, if someone knows please post in the comments.


If you are as interested as I was about the construction of the 15-round Glock 17 magazine, I did stumble across this video showing one being disassembled.

The 9×21 Glock 17 hasn't been fired according to the Gunbroker listing and comes with all the factory accessories and paperwork, likely important to a collector.



The 9×21 Glock 17 had a starting bid of a penny on Gunbroker, no telling what it will sell for. Check out the listing HERE.

From a post on the Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance Facebook:

Our 9x21mm Glock 17 that took us almost 2 years to import from Italy is live on Gunbroker and ready for bidding.

There are bound to be other 9x21mm Glocks in the US, but this is the first time we have seen one. Given how long it took us to get this, it could be a while longer before any more show up.

We have had quite a few people contact us with generous offers for this, but we honestly have no idea what it is worth. To someone who just likes to shoot guns, it's probably worth less than a regular 9x19mm Glock, since it's in an oddball caliber. However for a serious Glock collector, having a factory Glock 17 that hardly anybody else on this side of the Atlantic has, brings a whole different value.

So we are letting the free-market do its thing, and whomever gets it, will get it at whatever price they have chosen to get it at. Happy bidding.

All Federal and State laws apply, and firearm will only be transferred in accordance with all ATF regulations.

More from the Texas Machine Gun listing on Gunbroker:

This is a unique Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol, factory chambered in 9x21mm (not 9x19mm) we recently imported from Italy after waiting for almost 2 years. The 9x21mm Glocks are made exclusively for the Italian market, where “military calibers” are prohibited. The gun also has the European proof-marks on it, 2x 15 round magazines with loader, 4x back-straps, box, 2x manuals, cleaning brush, and is discreetly marked below the trigger guard with “TXMGO Dickinson, TX” for the importer marks. Shipping to your FFL is $45. We accept checks, MO, and CC (+3%).

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