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Improved MantisX3 Coming Soon | SHOT 2019

Since we first covered Mantis Tech’s MantisX, it has been a driving factor in a few peoples’ quests for pistol greatness. When Mantis Tech announced that they would be introducing a new, miniaturized sensor unit, you bet it caught our attention.

If you aren’t familiar with the Mantis system and you’re serious about improving as a shooter, you should be. The new X3 sensor unit is only half of the equation, the real magic is in how the phone or tablet app digests the data provided by the electronics. The data is translated into easy-to-read results that help you identify why you dropped that shot or give you an insight you never had while dry firing.

The new MantisX3 is not only smaller, but also much more streamlined. The new tiny form factor of the X3 should make it much less noticeable during dry fire practice, especially if the sensor unit is mounted to the magazine baseplate.


Mantis Tech says that the ground-up redesign of the MantisX did more than make the unit smaller and lighter, they also improved battery life by three times and quadrupled the amount of data the unit is capable of gathering.


There were obvious improvements to the LED, button, and method of attachment to a Picatinny rail as well.


Previously, the MantisX used a width adjustable mount that relied on a screw to clamp it to the rail. While that worked well, installing the unit on your pistol required tools or using a thumbscrew. The X3 now uses a spring tensioned locking block that interfaces with the slot in the rail, pull the lever down and the locking block drops allowing the sensor unit to be slid on and off the rail without a single tool.


Mantis Tech had CO2 guns with Mantis sensors installed for showgoers to try the system out for themselves. Each shooter took 10 shots with the CO2 pistol and the average score was displayed on a leaderboard.


Mantis Tech says that the X3 will MSRP at $179.99, a slight increase over the $149.99 MSRP of the current gen MantisX. Visit Mantis Tech’s website for more information on their product line.

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