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Magazine POUCH

First Spear is pushing the “gearvelope” with its latest mag pouch. The new MultiMag incorporates BOA adjustment technology, the same ratchet-fit system found on high-end footwear. The idea is one pouch for many missions. Stuff a mag in and twist the dial on the bottom till you get the retention pressure you want, then forget it. You can crank it in anticipation of vigorous activity, and just pop the dial to release the pressure when you need your gear. The system easily holds AR-15- and AR-10-style mags, and other similar shaped mags and items, like a radio. First Spear is also offering inserts to accommodate a pair of pistol mags. For cats with positive retention needs, there are loops to run a tabbed bungee cord, also sold as an accessory.

Make: First Spear
Model: MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pocket
Magazine fit: Nearly all of them
COLORS: Black, Coyote, Gray, Green, MultiCam
MSRP: $49

salomon forces shoes

It makes sense that the needs of the fast and light contingent of the world’s armed forces would fall in line with trail-running endurance athletes. And a lot of those athletes choose to wear shoes from Salomon’s XA Pro lineup. Looking at the extreme end of the XA Pro line, you’ll find the mid-height Gore-Tex lined XA Pro 3D Mid GTX. It’s got the bells and whistles found in a top-flight hiking boot, but it’s made using materials and technology that gives it the weight and feel of a sneaker. The shoe’s been a hit in the tactical community for a few seasons, but this is the first time it’s available in Wolf Grey. U.S. Elite Gear and Salomon worked with Arc’teryx to officially license this special shade of gray in a limited release only available through U.S. Elite Gear.

Make: Salomon Forces
Model: U.S. Elite Gear exclusive “Sua Sponte” XA Pro 3D Mid GTX
Colors: Wolf Grey
MSRP: $180

gunpowder scale

It’s pretty rare to hear reloading chatter around the RECOIL water cooler, mostly because we’d all rather be out shooting instead of researching spells and stirring the cauldron in the basement. But, when something like the ChargeMaster Lite comes along, we’re interested because it helps us make safe, accurate cartridges quickly. It’s a smaller, less expensive version of venerable Chargemaster Combo, a unit that combines a powder dispenser and scale. Dump your powder in the hopper, dial up the weight and it throws a charge in a few seconds. It’s as fast as its predecessor, and just as accurate where it counts, throwing charges with one-tenth grain accuracy in the most used 2- to 300-grain range. But, RCBS lowered the price by using a stepped load cell, slightly decreasing charge accuracy above 500 grains of powder. Considering .338 Lapua and .50 BMG loads don’t come close to 500 grains, we think the average reloader will accept that tradeoff.

Make: RCBS
Model: ChargeMaster Lite Powder Scale
Accuracy: 0.1 @ 2-500 gr., 0.2 @ 500-1,000 gr.
MSRP: $300

tourniquet pouch

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need tourniquets. And, in a less ideal world, we’d always have a tourniquet handy when we need it. But, we live in the real world, where TQs cost money, and we can only have them stashed in so many cargo pockets, range bags, aid kits, glove compartments, and junk drawers. It makes sense to keep one where it’s most needed and held in a way that it’s easily deployed. The Just in Case Tourniquet holder from Tuff Products and Sentinel Concepts offers a way to attach all of the most popular TQs to just about anything with straps or loops while leaving the life-saving device instantly accessible. It’s built to last, using durable Hypalon fabric, and duty-grade webbing, elastic, and Velcro.

Make: Tuff Products
Model: SCE JIC Tourniquet Pouch
Colors: Black, Coyote, Gray, Green
MSRP: $28


Bipod feet of the world, you have one task: hold the line. No matter the surface, you must not slide. You must not skip. You must not give up. Packed earth, windowsills, Jersey barriers, hoods of rental cars … these are your battlefields and your charge depends upon your grip. This is the battle cry of HHS’s Hawk Talons, replacement bipod feet so aggressive, they were grip-tested on Africanized Honey Bee hives. The tri-lobed feet are punctuated with a stainless steel death spike that’ll take hold of nearly any surface found on the range or in the real world. Four models cover the gamut of the most popular bipods and installation difficulty ranges from simple to may-take-some-patience, depending on your host legs.

Make: Hawk Hill Custom
Model: Ultimate Bipod Hawk Talons
Fit: Atlas, Atlas 5H, Harris, LRA, and similar
MSRP: $60 to $80

elevengear crashtag

Participating in any shooting activity, performing an adrenaline sport, or rolling a rental car on a business trip, life can take you by the nads. And this little, rustproof titanium beauty will help you keep your nads, even if you’ve blacked out. The Crashtag weighs less than a wish and is etched on one side with whatever vital info you’d like, the other side gives you a canvas to display some personality. Choose from whatever designs Crashtag has on tap or work with them (as we did) to make batches of tags with custom artwork. The QR code will take the reader to a custom, free website with room for more info that might not fit on the tag itself.

Make: Elevengear
Model: Crashtag
OPTIONS: Larger with bottle opener or smaller, without opener
MSRP: $30

windcheater beer

Giving away beer is cool, but giving away your very own brand of beer is even cooler. And that’s how Windcheater American Ale came to be. Armageddon Gear got sick of giving away crappy beer at tailgating sessions following precision rifle matches they attended. So, they dug into their sales and marketing budget, linked up with their neighbors at Omaha Brewing Company and made their own beer that’s ideal for the warm weather found at southeastern precision matches. The beer is a German Kolsch recipe, which is light and crisp. Windcheater was once only available for free after matches, now it’s heading for AAFES PXs, gas stations, shopettes, and Class 6 stores in Alabama and Georgia.

Make: Armageddon Gear & Omaha Brewing Company
Model: Windcheater American Ale
MSRP: $11 for a six-pack

magazine release extension

Ruger didn’t give up much, if anything, when it comes to accuracy and durability of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Even the ergos of the RPR are hard to argue about — but hard doesn’t mean impossible. Catalyst Arms keyed in on one area that could be improved on a lot of precision rifles, the mag release. Like the majority of mag-fed bolt action rifles, the RPR’s got a single push lever that’s easy enough to get at, but widen it with something like its RPR Mag Release Extension and you can nail it with your trigger finger without risking your manicure. It’s gently ramped and serrated for comfortable activation and installed securely with a single screw.

Make: Catalyst Arms
Model: RPR Magazine Release Extension
Colors: Black, Red, Tan
MSRP: $30

woobie hoodie

The three greatest battlefield force multipliers ever fielded by U.S. forces are, without question, the A-10 Warthog, the poncho liner, and that one guy in your squad who could get the bar in on both ends of a cot. Perseverance Survival has turned one of the three into a warm, comfortable, and extremely stylish hoodie (especially if you’re a grunt.) The Woobie Hoody has all the quilted goodness of its USMC issued brethren, but it’s made from a slightly smoother fabric that feels a little more luxurious than the original. The hoody is cut and sewn in the U.S. from imported materials.

Make: Perseverance Survival
Model: Woobie Hoodie
Colors: Woodland MARPAT
MSRP: $49

ubr gen2 stock

The second coming of Magpul’s UBR addresses two main concerns folks had with the original, price and weight. The update is a few ounces lighter, and a few Jacksons cheaper without giving up the key features we’ve all come to love. It’s still sporting the fixed-stock feel, rattle-free adjustment system, integrated receiver extension, removable storage area, QD sling swivel cups and sling loops. It’s also set up out of the box to run with a longer A5 buffer system and includes a spacer for standard buffer system compatibility. Overall, it’s streamlined and enhanced, but we’ll have to beat the snot out of it before we say it’s a 1:1 replacement for its tough-as-nails predecessor.

Make: Magpul
Model: UBR Gen2 Collapsible Stock
Weight: 21.7 ounces
Colors: Black, FDE, Gray, OD Green
MSRP: $199

burnproof02.jpg burnproof03.jpg

Shooting makes things hot — shocking, we know. Burn Proof Gear is best known for their suppressor wraps, but recently decided to include handguards in the equation. The Rail-Rap is a two-piece design utilizing the same heat killing materials as their can covers that keep your grubbies from being scorched. As a bonus, it can also be used as a grippy point of contact when shooting off of a barricade. The Burn Proof Gear Rail-Rap is made in a bunch of tactical colors, including gray, of course.

Make: Burn Proof Gear
Model: Rail-Rap
MSRP: $75


It’s been ages since the original A-DAC lowers were available. When Radian rebranded, giving up the AXTS name, the company retooled and concentrated on making complete rifles. Now that it’s caught up with production, it’s offering complete receiver sets for the builder market. The lower features oversized ambi controls, right-side bolt hold-open, markings for 90- and 45-degree safety selectors, captured rear detent spring, and a self-adjusting upper to lower tensioning system. They also include Radian’s enhanced takedown pins and a Talon ambi safety selector. The upper and handguard are mated using a burly, double HK416-style interface and locked in agreement with an anti-rotation pin. We asked about handguard accessory mounts; “No Dik-Mod,” answered Radian, “Only M-LOK.” Lastly, all three parts are anodized then Cerakoted for a deep, durable black finish.

Make: Radian Weapons
Model: AX-556 Receiver Set
Handguard Lengths: 8.5-, 10-, 14-, 15.5-, 17-inch
Colors: Black
MSRP: $520 to $620

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