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Israeli FAL Parts Kits Announced by DSArms

With surplus parts kits drying up all over the place, it is a rarity to see something new hit the market. The Israeli FAL parts kits being imported by DSArms are demilled from the rather uncommon light barrel Israeli-produced rifle with all the unique features that you expect from an Israeli FAL.

DSArms says the only parts the builder will need to source is a barrel and upper receiver. If you are after a true clone light barrel FAL, DSArms will also be offering correctly marked receivers in the near future. Unfortunately, you can only sign up for a notification as to when they will be available on their website, pre-order is not available.


Pricing for the Israeli FAL parts kits starts at $549.95 for a single kit. Any order with two kits will receive a $24.98 discount on each kit, order three kits and the discount increases to $49.97 per kit. You can find more information or place an order on the DSArms website.

More from DSArms:

The first rifle Israel made to protect the Holy land,
The Hebrew War Hammer,

Now you can own a real piece of Israeli history, The Israeli FAL rifle parts set. These are the very rare standard or light barreled version. Only extremely low quantities of complete rifles in semi auto were ever imported to the US. These are much rarer than the heavy barrel models occasionally seen on the market bringing premiums. These are in all original condition. The Israeli produced FALs had unique features. Such as wood handguards on metal liners, which were very effective to reduce the felt heat transfer. Also wooden buttstock, polymer grip, unique components not the same as a Belgian model are the gas block, lower trigger frame, selector switch, magazine release, charging handle, joint pin, front sight and tall rear. Most of these rifles had a plain muzzle with bayonet lug on the bottom, which also accommodated a trident flashider bayonet and quick release grenade launcher. FN Herstal first made the rifles for Israel until they tooled to make their own with these special features.

The surplus market has been drying up all over the world, which is increasing the value of collectibles like these in private hands. Surplus firearms, their parts and accessories have been being destroyed at an alarming rate; these were saved from literally being melted into a liberal freedom hating puddle of metal. Kits we sold in the late 1990's for below $200.00 are now commanding $800.00 and up, this trend will continue as these treasures of history and freedom disappear. This model was produced in minuscule numbers compared to a Belgian, Brazilian or Argentine variation. This rare military collectible is sure to appreciate in value as opposed to building another AK or AR15 type that won't. Quantities are very limited; life can be full of regrets, don't let missing out on this rare collectible be one of those regrets.

Don't be the one that says should of, would of, and could of as there are very limited quantities.

These kits include 1 magazine and everything less the upper receiver and barrel.

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