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Preview – John Novekse’s 300BLK SBR

If you're an AR-15 enthusiast, chances are that you've heard of the company, Noveske Rifleworks. John Noveske founded Noveske Rifleworks in 2001 with the aim of increasing precision in the AR-15/M4 platforms through his line of precision barrels, which he considers the heart of the weapon. Since then, Noveske Rifleworks has become known as a high-end brand for AR rifles among shooters and John's commitment to quality has everything to do with it. Come along with us as we get a chance to talk to John about his thoughts on producing barrels, his take on some weapons' parts, as well as a tour of his personal carbine.

John Noveske initially set out with the goal of producing a precision, hard-use barrel, available for the military and guys who went into harm's way. He explained that after his experience of serving in the Army, a very human element was involved in his work. This was especially felt after the 9/11 attacks when many of his friends who were still in the service were now at war. The concept was to create a barrel that could be used on both a sniper's and spotter's weapon. Instead of one carrying a bolt gun and the other an M4, both members could carry the same weapon they could use at distance or up close if the need arose. Noveske reasons, “Price shouldn't matter when your life is on the line; when you are doing a job that involves life-and-death situations you shouldn't compromise.” Along with the best barrels and weapons, Noveske felt the bost body armor, night vision, and similar equipment should be int he hands of those who needed it. He had no qualms about sourcing the best body armor, night vision, and similar equipment should be in the hands of those who needed it. He had no qualms about sourcing hte best materials and manufacturing methods, and he never considered how to save a little money by cutting corners. He not only felt there was a market for high-quality parts but a need for htem. While many ARs were getting 2- to 4-inch groups at 100 yards, Noveske quickly gained a reputation as his cold hammer-forged, machine-gun steel, heavy chrome-lined barrels were getting reports of less than 1-inch groups at the same distance. Accessories and complete weapons rounded things out for Noveske Rifleworks, as it became a mainstream manufacturer in the world of ARs.

We had a chance to spend some time with John Noveske, as well as go out shooting with him. What is John Noveske like? He's incredibly knowledgeable, as well as unbelievably sarcastic, which makes him the type of guy we like to drink beer with – and yes, we did that, as well.

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One response to “Preview – John Novekse’s 300BLK SBR”

  1. carl bellia says:

    i first heard of the 2011 special edition of FMG,s guns mag..tha writers had nothing but praise and admiration for these pieces..N4/N6..upon reading it i knew that i wanted apair of them..smooth,quiet,stable ,dependable of the best materials and the assembly..i never had much interest in the AR style until this article.what i had in rvn was not like these..i feel that he would have contimued to make the best better,i served in viet nam with a guy from Grant,s Pass,,never heard of it.since then till now.i can only hope that his people,,his team continue on this path,maintain the quality and keep production standards high,to honor him and themselves…

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