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Viking Bling: the Mjölnir Necker

Confederate Forge, a Texas-based custom knife manufacturer, recently showed off some interesting pictures of the Mjolnir Necker. It's a “necker” knife named for it's obviously Norse looks and refers to the hammer Mjølner, the wielded by Thor, of the Norse pantheon of gods. This one is much smaller of course, and it was forged by Eric, not Brokkr and Eitri (or Sindri, for that matter).


I'm not sure if this was a one-off or a prototype and the HMFIC of Confederate Forge is currently in his shop so I have not been able to confirm. Check them out on Facebook or visit the home page to investigate further. In any case, this will probably be of interest not just to those who enjoy custom knives, but also to those wanting to put Thor's Hammer on their Veteran's Administration tombstone. Keep calm and kill jötnar.

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