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KINECT – QD Adapters for MLOK (and MREX rails too)

Kinetic Development Group, a seemingly SCAR-centric accessory manufacturer, has announced their new KINECT QD (Quick Detach) adapters for the MLOK platform.

It'll be kinda like something that lets you use different versions of Legos quickly and easily without having to worry they'll pop apart.



KDG describes itself as a “firearms and accessory solution company,” and they've been avowed fans of the MLOK™ system since their debut at the first of the year. Part of the reasoning for that is now clear — they've been planning for KINECT from the git-go.

Kinect is described as a “…family of products that allow you to securely attach your accessories or picatinny rail sections to any MLOK™ system without tools.” They advise it's as easy to use as this:

“Press the accessory or rail section to the MLOK™ slot where you want it and “Click”, it is securely fastened. This patent pending technology is the card KDG has kept tucked up their sleeve while they built MLOK™ rails for the SCAR and now the AR. It literally takes less that a second to install or remove an accessory, yet the mount is so strong a grown man can do pull-ups on a single attachment point.  For reference the 3 Slot picatinny Kinect™ Section can handle approx. 180 lbs. of force…There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the Kinect™ mounting point.  When you press the accessory or rail section down in the MLOK™ slot, two tiny deployment triggers get pressed against the rail firing the wedges into place.”

Apparently, with KINECT there will be no need for the allen wrench required by so many traditional modular rail systems; it can literally make damn near every bit of furniture you put on the weapon QD (should you want it that way, obviously).

KDG explains further:

“There is not a whole lot that needs to be explained or left to the imagination about the Kinect™ system.  It will be plain to you once you see it or try it to know this is not a gadget, or gimmick but a huge step forward in how we utilize our modular firearms. Much like the Sidelok™ for Picatinny attachment…Kinect™ insures proper and easy installation, eliminating common variables that would cause issues.”

See another video below.

KDG is also formally launching their MREX-AR™ rail. Says KDG

“At first glance it may look similar to everything out there, but like the MREX™, there was purpose in its design. Being both the developer of the rail system, and the Kinect™ accessory line gives KDG a huge advantage: it lets them develop accessory mounts that can for instance bring a Surefire light so tight into the rail space, its like it is integral.”


The MREX-AR rail features MLOK™ slots on a 45-degree angle at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions on the rail, allowing something an Aimpoint Micro or an RMR to fit in tight to the back of the rail, offset at 45 degrees, thus allowing the shooter to transition to CQB with the dot while maintaining a magnified optic. Not an entirely new idea, obviously, but it appears to be executed well here.


More on the rail system:

“The MREX-AR™ is ergonomically set up to be more like a hand-guard (like the FAL or G3) instead of a tube. The profile allows the user a very comfortable C-Grip on the weapon, and allows those accessories to be mounted as though they are integral to the weapon.  The flat bottom of the rail system is ideal for shooting off of support.”

KDG tells us the first Kinect™ Pieces and the MREX-AR rail will both be available sometime this summer. Their intention is to make a wide arrange of Kinect™ pieces available, among them a 3-slot pic rail section, a Harris bipod adapter, a 7-slot pic section, offset SureFire mounts, Aimpoint micro mounts and others.






You can visit KDG online ( for more information or email [email protected] with questions.


Kinetic Development Group MREX 2 DiagramKinetic Development Group MREX 3 Diagram

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