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Langdon Tactical LTT Elite at NRA Annual Meetings

While at NRAAM, it would have been wrong to pass on the opportunity to fondle the Langdon Tactical LTT Elite. After all, if Ernest Langdon says that this is the best Beretta 92 on the planet, who am I to argue?

I was able to track Ernest down to have the man himself walk me through the whys and hows of the pistol as well as the features.

Overall the pistol looks nothing short of stunning with well thought out enhancements all, that you might look over at first glance. Rest assured that Ernest has a reason for every one of the parts used on the LTT Elite.

Langdon LTT - 2

One of the questions that came up when the initial post on the LTT Elite was published is why did Ernest go with the M9A1 frame instead of the M9A3 frame with that slim grip? Ernest says that when he sees someone that shoots the M9A3 a lot, they inevitably end up with the chunky Houge grip installed that replicates the older M9 or M9A1 grip shape so why bother with grips when 99% of shooters are going to land on this grip shape anyhow?

The checkering on the back of the frame felt very positive without being overly aggressive so you don't eat your hands up during extended range sessions.

Langdon LTT - 3

Ernest also made sure to fit a flat lanyard plug to the pistol to remove any chance of it interfering with a reload and because it just isn't needed since the LTT Elite isn't designed as a military model.

The magwell was nicely flared to make reloads a bit smoother and remove the chance that a sharp edge on your factory Beretta mags might make that reload split time longer than desired.

Langdon LTT - 4

The grips on the LTT Elite offer positive grip without being too aggressive like the frame checkering and have the LTT logo in the center of the grips. The oversized magazine release is off of a Brigider Tactical, Ernest says that this has been the go-to mag release for some time with serious 92 shooters.

Langdon LTT - 5

The 4.7-inch barrel fitted to the LTT Elite is an Elite II barrel that has been given a target crown. The shorter barrel is intended to allow you to ‘clear leather' quicker than with the traditional  4.9″ barrel, but Ernest also said that he always liked how the shorter barrels looked on the 92 series of pistols.

Langdon LTT - 6

The new style G lever installed on the LTT Elite was chosen for a very specific reason, the older style is known to break on the right side of the lever once you start running the gun hard. On top of that the new style lever has one roll pin instead of two should you need to remove it or want to replace the decocker with an F model safety.

That's right– the LTT Elite can be converted back to an F model safety even though it ships as a G model. For those that aren't Beretta nerds, that is abnormal. Normally if a pistol ships as a G model, it stays a G model.

Ernest also fitted a skeletonized hammer to the pistol to speed up that lock time just a touch. The other refinement on the back of the gun it the slight bevel on the bottom of the slide to help prevent slide bite.

Langdon LTT - 7

Another enhancement that Ernest made to the pistol is the removal of the pointy edge just forward of the mag release, and the bottom of the trigger guard has been beveled. Anyone who has spent some serious time shooting the 92 series pistols is painfully aware of that sharp edge and the annoyance it can cause after a long range day.

Langdon LTT - 8

Check out our original post on the Langdon Tactical LTT Elite or head on over to the Langdon Tactical website where you can preorder the perfect 92 series pistol. MSRP for the LTT Elite starts at $999 for the pistol without a trigger job or $1,164 if you add an LTT trigger job to the gun.

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