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LaserLyte’s TGL for Glock 43

Cottonwood, Arizona's LaserLyte is now offering a modification to their Trigger Guard Laser (TGL) for the Glock 43 single stack 9mm handgun. It's ambi-activated and operates in constant-on or pulse mode, with a 6-minute auto-off function.


Each TGL package ships with 2 laser housings and each will fit 4 different model of pistol (Glock 26, 27, 42 and 43).

“Installation is easy and takes less than five minutes. Simply use three screws to secure the laser housing into place. The laser does not require removal in order to change out batteries, and exterior windage/elevation adjustments enable precise aiming and zeroing at any preferred distance.”


More information here.

LaserLyte UTA-YY Specifications:

– Compatible Firearms: GLOCK 42/43, GLOCK 26/27

– Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA

– Programmable: Dual mode constant-on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes

– Batteries: 3 x 392

– Battery Life: *Actual usage 5 hours constant-on, 10 hours pulse mode

– Weight: .75 ounces

– Material: 55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum

– Length: 1.52 inches

– Width: .76 inches

– Height: 1.70 inches

– MSRP: $104.95

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