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Link up with us at NRAAM, Get Some Swag

Just as the title says–easy day. If you're attending the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas this weekend, we have an opportunity for you to grab some swag courtesy of RECOIL.

All you have to do is bump into one of our editors, snap a selfie with them, and post it on your preferred social media account with the hastag, “#RECOILsnap2018” and give us a tag. That's it!

…as to who will be chosen and what you'll receive? All we can promise is that a lot of people will be getting some cool stuff.

As a reminder, so you know who to look out for, our Editorial staff consists of (left to right)
Iain Harrison
Rob Curtis
Dave Merrill
Tom Marshall
Candice Horner

For those that won't be joining us this year at the NRA Annual Meeting–stay tuned to RECOILweb, RECOILtv, and our social media channels for comprehensive coverage!

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