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Magpul at SOFIC 2018

While at SOFIC 2018, we got to check out some of the newest Magpul products. Magpul's suppressor cover, bipod, and Pro 700 chassis have all recently been released. Magpul has come a long way from its simple AR magazine accessory to becoming an industry leader.

Magpul bipod 4

The Magpul Pro 700 chassis is a full-featured precision chassis based off of the Remington 700 footprint. What sets the Pro 700 apart is that it has modular and adjustable features you'd expect from a chassis, but comes in at a lower price point at just under a grand. Another interesting aspect is that it's fully ambidextrous. Lefties are not forced to shoot in a right-handed world if they don't want to.

Magpul bipod 3

The Magpul bipod is well-designed with multiple characteristics that we didn't expect from a bipod costing just over $100. The bipod pans and tilts, extends 4 inches from 6.3-inches to 10.3-inches, can accommodate multiple Atlas pattern feet, and is available in the most popular mounting platforms. Available in black or FDE, the Magpul bipod is expected to be available soon.

Magpul bipod 5

Magpul bipod 6

At SHOT Show 2018, Magpul introduced a suppressor cover for 1.5-inch outer diameter suppressors with an approximate length of 5.5-inches.

Magpul can cover 2

A stainless steel heat shield mounts to the suppressor body with steel clamps. The outer heat-resistant polymer sleeve mitigates mirage distortions and lessens the chances of a hot suppressor coming in contact with the shooter and his equipment.

Magpul can cover 4

Magpul can cover 5

Direct link to the Magpul Suppressor Cover:

Direct link to the Magpul Bipod:

Direct link to the Magpul Pro 700 Chassis:


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