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Cover Your Eyes! Magpul Introduces Its Own Eyewear Lineup

As if Magpul isn't getting enough of our money, today the company moved into a new market with the release of its own eyewear designed for our shooty, outdoorsy adventurist demographic.

Magpul's first three offerings in its eyepro product line are the Terrain, Explorer, and Summit sunglasses.

“We really didn’t want to make just shooting glasses, which end up costing less but usually don’t really have a look that crosses into normal life,” said Scott Creed, Magpul's director of Marketing. “We wanted to come up with something that can be worn in a variety of situations, and still end up on our face at the end of the day.”

The eyewear features shooting and outdoor-friendly features that include slim temples to fit under over-the-ear hearing protection, comms headsets, and helmets (be they ballistic, bump, or recreational lids). Magpul's lenses shed water, resist smudges from sweat, sunscreen, and other chemicals. And, all the eypro has no-slip nose and temple pads, as well as stainless steel hinge hardware.

Magpul Eyewear Collection

These first three models come in a few color combinations, black, gray, and tortoiseshell, and feature a choice of lenses with polarization, color and mirroring options. Magpul says the lenses were designed to provide excellent clarity and color rendition that enhance shooting and other outdoor activities while providing ballistic impact protection. The frames are made of TR-90 NZZ which, according to Magpul, is the strongest thermoplastic material available for eyewear.

Magpul differentiates the three options according to use; the Terrain ($109-$159, medium/large faces) and Summit ($109-$159, small/medium faces) are full performance shades featuring an enhanced ballistic Z87+ safety rating and offering protection for full spectrum use. The Explorer, $99-$149, is a more traditional look that offers Z87.1 impact protection but with less of a frame wrap.

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They will appear on Magpul's website today and should be available immediately from a few retailers.



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