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Maxim Defense’s Prototype PDX in 300BLK

We're fans of Maxim Defense's pint-sized PDX PDW. We reviewed the 7.62×39 version in RECOIL Issue 41 and bestowed it with our Best of SHOT 2019 award.

Maxim has been teasing the 300BLK version and finally brought a prototype with them to range day at TriggrCon 2019. The most noteworthy thing about the new variant is that Maxim says it'll reliably run supersonic and subsonic ammo, either suppressed or not, without adjusting any gas system settings or other tuning.

Maxim wasn't ready to talk specifics about how they achieve this, but we'll get hands-on one when it's ready and report back. It's otherwise the same as the other PDX versions.

The prototype didn't have all the bugs worked out, but it was a pleasure to shoot, especially with subs.

The TriggrCon 2019 show is open to the public during the second half of Friday, July 26, and all day on Saturday, July 27. Come on down to the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington, if you're nearby.

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