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Mid-Length Gas System Better Than Carbine Length? NSWC-Crane Testing Suggests Yes

Soldier Systems Daily released its in-depth analysis of NSWC-Crane's mid-length gas system study briefing, proving there is still more to learn and officially accept about the AR platform.

Flashback: Last year Crane's findings on M-LOK vs. KeyMod were made public detailing not only the testing process but also the multiple failures of the KeyMod system. Since that report was made public KeyMod seems to have fallen out of favor with M-LOK growing in popularity faster than ever.

Is there a possibility that the market may react to this Crane test in much the same way?


Mid-Length configured uppers are being tested in these areas by Crane:

  • Endurance
  • Reliability
  • Precision
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Terminal Velocity (@100 yards)
  • Bolt Speed
  • Low Temperature (-60F)
  • High Temperature (160F)
  • Barrel Erosion

Here is an excerpt from Soldier Systems' post:

So far, Crane has put 30,400 rounds of M855A1 through three M4A1s equipped with 14.5″ cold hammer forged barrels and a mid-gas system with a gas block approximately 9.8″ from the bolt face.

They stated SOF M4A1s normally start to see accuracy degradation at around 6,000 rounds. But during testing of the mid-gas system, they’d hit 12,600 and still hadn’t seen any changes.

To read the rest of the post about Crane's testing, head on over to Soldier Systems Daily to see it in full.

Thanks to Mrgunsngear for the cover photo.

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