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The Collision – Mk36 Specs

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What makes the Mk36 platform so appealing?

Today we'll follow up on last week's AR and M1 Collide by setting our sights on the Mk36 specs and answer that question by identifying some of its benefits.

Let’s begin with the basic specifications of the Mk36H Model, which is first on the scheduled production release. Please note that some specifications may change before production.

Starting with the butt end, the Mk36 rifle supports a standard Mil-Spec 5-Position buffer tube that accepts AR style buttstocks; the buffer tube is assembled much like a standard AR using a castle nut and end plate. The only difference is there is no need for a buffer spring, buffer, buffer detent or buffer detent spring. Most aftermarket AR end plate offers will work on the Mk36. The Mk36H will ship with a B5 Systems BRAVO stock and QD End Plate.


The upper receiver is a modified M1 upper receiver machined from billet aluminum and uses a pivot pin and take down pin much like an AR. The pins are specific to the Mk upper receiver and Mk lower receiver. The pins use a ball detent design to secure them and allow for easy take down without the use of special tools. The take down and pivot pins do not require separate springs and detents like AR's require. The internals of the upper receiver are hand lapped for smooth bolt operation.

Attached to the MK36 upper receiver will be a 16” barrel made from 4150+ CMV (Chrome Moly Vanadium) steel with button rifling and a twist rate of 1:10 for the .308 chambered MK36H. The barrels will be stress relieved and QPQ Melonited to extend barrel life. The MK product line will be offering other calibers such as .30-06 in the near future. The barrel profile for the MK36H will be a modified M1 profile. Attached to the muzzle of the MK36 barrel will be a new muzzle brake designed and manufactured by Swartzkopf Manufacturing, Inc. made from 17-4 SS with a black oxide coating.

We will be featuring this new muzzle brake in next week's MK36 update.

MHM-MK36H-W2-2 MHM-MK36H-W2-3

Covering the Mk36 barrel will be a new rail system designed by Mechanics Hill that offers a unique three piece design. Across the top will be a single one piece pic rail unit measured at 24 in. in length that offers a long sight plane. The top rail will connect the lower ventilated handguard using adjustable tower sections that connects the system together. There will be several handguard options in KeyMod, MLOK, and the Standard Mk36 ventilated hand guard. The Mk36 Rail System will be lightweight, very versatile and will allow for easy maintenance of the M1 operating system and barrel.

The Mk36 Lower machined from billet aluminum will feature some common AR controls such as the Fire/Safe Selector, Trigger, and Mag Release system. This will give the shooter the feel and control of an AR style system with very little to no muscle memory retraining. The Mk36 Lower supports Mil-Spec AR style grips. When the shooter shoulders the Mk36, it feels like an AR style rifle with this combination and design.

MHM-MK36H-W2-5 MHM-MK36H-W2-6

Next week we will be featuring the Mk36 operating system and a new muzzle brake design that will keep the Mk36 shooting flat, accurate and recoil reduced to a respectable minimum. We will also touch on the weight reduction that makes the Mk36 so lightweight and manageable.

Learn more about Mechanics Hill here. Find 'em on Facebook right here. You can also follow them on Instagram (@mechanicshillmarketing). You can follow the Mk36 itself on Facebook here.

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