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Modern Warfare Operators in Real Life Ronin Soulful Wanderer Buildsheet


Call of Duty. Where else can you use characters that run the gamut from certifiable badasses, all the way to some over-the-top personas, and still utilize 360-no scopes to dome shot opponents from the opposite end of the map? Sorry, had a little rant there. But have you ever wondered how certain weapons in games like Call of Duty are ACTUALLY made? We're not going to show you the manual labor, but we will show how we mimicked the Modern Warfare rifle, Ronin's Soulful Wanderer. An M4-based platform, this uniquely painted rig also sports features that we attempted to build out from the visuals in MW. Using the Gunsmith feature, we took our best shot at recreating this iconic weapon from Ronin's character, plus a few game clips from yours truly. (Don't worry, I won't put ALL my dubs and best plays in there, or else this piece will be days long hehe). Check out our closest 1-for-1 representation of Ronin's rig, straight from the Gunsmith table to Ronin's hands.

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