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Monday Morning Carry: Gun Free EDC

Some of us live in countries (or states) where the right to self-defense…isn't.  Where muggers have more rights than their victims, and if you're forced to defend yourself with a weapon you're better off if the attacker is dead, after. This installment of Monday Morning Carry is one possible EDC loadout in such a place.  Carrying a pistol is a no-go, so you'll see no pretty shots of a Glock next to a steak dinner today (although I wish there you were).

A friend was recently jumped and pinned near his house.  He had a Kabar TDI on him, but he didn't deploy it, even though his face was being repetitively punched be an assailant atop him.  He didn't pull it for fear of the law taking his weapon and giving him a record if he used it.  Technically, because he feared for his life he would have been justified defending himself, but he'd still likely have been charged and forced go through a lengthy and costly court battle (guilty until proven innocent).

That should never be something you have to be worried about, but it is, and in far too many places.

So what do you carry when your government doesn't trust your ability to defend yourself?


Monday Morning Carry: Gun Free EDC

First things first, you're going to need a knife.  Yeah you can use a knife in self defense, but that's something you should train for.  Knives are just an excellent daily tool; after all, they're great at cutting things in your day to day life.  I have opened more boxes and cut more zap straps in my day to day life then I have people.  By a large margin.

So with that I have been pocketing a Southern Grind Spider Monkey (which you can see featured in RECOIL issue 21.  The reduced clip length and overall light build make it very pocket friendly. The blade is made of CPM S35VN so edge retention is not a problem no matter how many corrugated foes you slay.  Recently I have heard of people carrying Swiss Army Knife Paring Knives in areas that aren't knife friendly.  Its great for cutting an apple but will still work as a slashing weapon if it comes to it.


Second, you need a light. People, you shouldn't leave home with is a flashlight, even if you work in broad daylight.  Most folks rely on their cell phone as a light at need, but that plan has its problems.  Cell phones burn through battery charge very quickly.  Anyone who has owned a 4S knows they'll get to the point where it will either drain quickly or just shut down completely, even though it says you have 30% battery left.  Why would you depend on something you use to text poop emojis to friends for light in an emergency, or even when inconvenienced?

A small, powerful flashlight is key to finding your keys when you drop them in the dark, or temporarily blinding someone so you can leg it.  I've had a Fenix PD20 for a number of years now that has served me well.  Its small size, combined with an output of 180 lumens, makes it one of my pocket essentials.  I don't like a cluttered pocket and typically clip it to the top of my left one, which contains my keys, knife, and light. Note that the PD20 appears to have been replaced by the PD22.


If I am wearing a jacket with hand warmer pockets I will often move the light up from my pants into it, though still on the left side.  On the right side I will usually put a punch ring by the good folks at Nuko Tools.  Remember when the law prohibits a metal band that wraps around your knuckles, G-10 is your friend.  Lately the Nuko Tools NukoHead Fatboy has been my pocket companion.  The wider size makes it more comfortable in the hand and helps disperse the shock of a punch.  It was also one of the first skull shaped punch rings on the market, so points for innovation.


I also carry a small lock pick essential kit.  Now, some of you are likely saying, what are you a criminal?  Not in the least. However, I do happen to misplace my keys more often than I should, and locksmiths are expensive.  I have also helped stranded friends by (on request) breaking into their houses to let their animals out to pee.  In some cases, peoples' lives have even been saved.  Pretty much everything in my kit was made by SERE Pick, except one pick I made myself and a TIHK or Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key.  I keep the key and shim on me in case of illegal restraint.

All of this is stashed in the back of my Flagrant Beard belt.  The belt looks great, has a hidden stash pocket, is bomb proof and made in North America.


These make up the basics that normally go with me.  I may substitute a knife for another or light for something different but the core items stay the same.  One of the biggest things is to ensure that you comply with all State/Provincial laws when you carry your EDC.

Oh, and don't be an idiot.

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