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Monday Morning Carry – John Wick EDC

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We told you over the weekend that John Wick still has his dog; that's good news. To celebrate we're taking the opportunity to show off a possible EDC load-out centered around Wick's holster. The former assassin is apparently using a Cherry Covert Ops Apparel Medina X in John Wick Chapter 2.

Actually, technically the one you see here is the original Medina from over a year ago. It is different from the Medina X, as we'll explain below, but remains functionally the same.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 7

Other items in this possible EDC (Every Day Carry) loadout are implements from: Glock, Bravo Concealment, Zero Tolerance Knives, SOG Knives and Tools, US PALM, Sig Sauer, 5.11 Tactical, Moleskine, Oakley, Magpul, Apple, In God We Must, Flagrant Beard, and several other places.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 10

We'll begin with that badass coffee cup. It came to us courtesy of Blackie's Backyard in Eureka Springs, AR. The actual nectar of the gods (Coffea canephora) in this particular cup is called Hera Blend. It came from a little place in Sulphur Springs, TX called Copia Coffee Roasters. We found them using VOB (

The pistol is a straight-up, stock no-modification-yet Glock. It will look entirely different next time you see it. You'll note it is not equipped with a Friend-or-Foe Reflective Strip, and Rh'llor willing never will be.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 16

To feed a blaster you need bullets, and in this case we're doing so with two magazines and a box of Sig V-Crown Performance Ammunition. The ready magazine is from the Glock factory and has a Pearce Grip magazine extension. The second magazine is from Magpul and rides in the ankle rig (q.v.).

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 8

The Medina X BWB (Below the Waist Band) holster you see below was designed by Aaron Cohen, a former member of the IDF's Duvdevan SOF unit. This particular holster is one of the very earliest models. It will not accommodate an RMR, which the new versions apparently do.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 4 Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 5

Duvdevan is known for running undercover and pseudo-ops style missions. The Medina X was designed to be a “deep cover holster” intended to make a weapon less obtrusive than from traditional appendix carry. It also features a small scabbard for an equally tiny knife from Ka-Bar.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 7

Cohen helped train actor Keanu Reeves for the starring role, which explains the choice of holster. Reeves previously trained with retired LAPD SWAT officer Rick Lopez (who sadly passed away not too long ago) and more recently with Taran Butler.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 6

Later you can look the holster over, watch the video and make your own decision whether it's tactical, tacticool or tactarded — as we ask that you actually watch the videos, think it through and discuss intelligently rather than adding to the level of derp already saturating the interwebz.

Moving on; you need a decent belt if you're going to carry a gun. That gorram flimsy-ass skinny-jean suitable thing the guy with the man-bun picked up at the Wal-Mart in Eavesdown is not going to cut it; today we went with the Flagrant Beard ‘Crazy Horse.' There's nothing frail or foolish about it and damn it makes you look good.

Or at least makes you feel pretty.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC -John Wick Style-3

Other things you'll find us wearing or carrying in our pockets here are a Zero Tolerance ZT0456, brass paperweight, a Bravo Company Mk15 tritium watch, a double sided “state ring” from In God We Must, some beat-to-hell leather wallet we haven't replaced yet, Moleskine notebook with flat Moleskine pen, 5.11 TPT EDC flashlight serving as a keychain, MultiCam Black Oakley Holbrooks, and an iPhone with Mophie Juice Pack case . Lastly, there's an important coin carried for luck.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 13Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 12

To address individual medical needs this loadout utilizes the new US PALM Ankle IFAK. Seen in the picture it seems bulky, even cumbersome, but we've been pleasantly surprised to find that it isn't so, at least not in typical day to day activities. Boot cut or baggier jeans conceal it nicely.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 17

The US PALM Ankle IFAK ships with a TK-4L TQ (tourniquet), CELOX Rapid Hemostatic Gauze Ribbon, 4 in. Trauma Bandage, Combat Medic Tape, and a pair of Nitrile gloves. We added a 5.11 TMT L2 flashlight and a SOG Knives Switch Plier to the mix, because while the small keychain light in the pocket works just fine as a task light, it's not something you'd want to use in a fight, on the side of the road at a car crash, etc. The TMT L2 is lightweight, pushes 320 lumens, and will do so for a couple hours making it a good choice for a utility/fighting light. It and the Switch Plier (also a valuable tool, and not ridiculously overdone) are carried on the ankle to avoid having a half dozen different clips lining the outside of our pockets — and for that matter so we could still use our pockets.

Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 18 Monday Morning Carry - EDC - John Wick Style 14

Here's Cohen explaining the holster.

What are you carrying — and why? What would you add here, replace, or get rid of?

For many more installments of Monday Morning Carry and Monday Morning EDC, take a look here:  or

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