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Monday Morning Carry – Remembering the Longest Day

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It seemed far more than apropos to break out a prized cup from the National D-Day memorial this morning, the 72nd anniversary of Operation Overlord. The National D-Day memorial is located in Beford, VA, and today will be remembering the Allied landings with Testament to Freedom: Roll Call. It's the first time ever all the names of every American soldier who died on D-Day — all 2,499 of them — will be read aloud.

That ceremony will be live streamed right here, beginning with a ceremony at 11am EST and continuing until they are finished.

The Memorial's website is online here, but good luck getting it to open. There are so many people going to the site it keeps crashing the servers. You can also find them on Facebook here and on Instagram, @ddaymemorial.


The EDC in this loadout begins with a a Glock 43 that has been thoroughly worked over by Maestro Holloway at ATEi. The G43 is a solid, imminently reliable pistol, but if there are any modern production guns Holloway couldn't improve, we haven't seen them yet. The weapon is carried in a Blackpoint Leather Wing holster, a combination of Kydex and the cured hide of something that once had a parent. Likewise the spare magazines are carried in one of Blackpoint's hybrid creations — the M.A.P. Modular Accessory Pouch. The magazines themselves (well, two of them) have been given a Taran Tactical Innovations Mag Extension in case a few extra bullets are needed for social work. The ammunition carried here is 147gr Browning BXP Personal Defense X-Point.


The watch is a battered old Fossil Chronograph recently upgraded with a Greg Stevens Design leather watch band and adorned with a Steel Flame American Flag MOLLE clip. A matching minimalist GSD wallet organizes a couple credit cards, concealed carry permit and a few bucks in cash. There's  SWAT-T tourniquet there (it has been cut in half) in a Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed pouch repurposed to carry it, with a pair of Nitrile gloves tucked back behind it. The knife is a Zero Tolerance 0220 Anso Ti flipper, the inkstick an Arc'teryx branded Surefire pen and the light is a Tuff WriterBolt Action” — an excellent and very minimalist lighting option to have around. The little notepad is, of course, from Moleskine and the sunglasses are Oakleys (the Holbrook model, if you want specifics, in MultiCam black). Man jewelry is courtesy of In God We Must — it's a Half Dollar Liberty Ring, which is also in keeping with what we remember today.

Monday-Morning-EDC-D-Day-Memorial-8  Monday-Morning-EDC-D-Day-Memorial-6 Monday-Morning-EDC-D-Day-Memorial-7Monday-Morning-EDC-D-Day-Memorial-5

That last thing? That's a “Briar Cigar” from Morgan Pipes. It's essentially a cigar body crafted from the same wood you'd normally find a pipe carved from. The Briar Cigar is an outstanding option for pipe-smokers who want something a little more capable of withstanding the rigors of travel, or for cigar smokers who occasionally enjoy the taste of pipe tobacco, though it takes some getting used to. Not seen here is an Ares Gear P model pie lighter and a small tin of Orlik Golden Sliced (Red) pipe tobacco.

Enjoy your day — and if you decide you want to support the National D-Day Memorial, you can do so here.


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