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Monday Morning EDC – IRL

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This Monday morning is brought you by IRL, translation (for those who don't #hashtaghashbrown #irl #edc #selfie #puppies #FB #IG #recoil): In Real Life. If you're a gunnoisseur at any level you've most likely seen the pocket dumps where some gear whore claims their EDC (Every Day Carry) consists of a ridiculous amount of items. There is no way everyone else, except us, is carrying all that crap at one time.

We asked a few friends in the vicinity of Ft. Bragg for their real EDC. Check out these pocket (and one purse) dumps accompanied by a cup of Colombia's most-addictive legal export.

Monday Morning EDC – IRL

Monday Morning EDC: Loadout #1


Apart from the Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses, this loadout is about as minimalist as you can get. The stock Glock 43 features a custom stipple job on the left side of the frame for thumb placement and on the front and rear of the backstrap to maximize grip traction. The small single stack stays at the ready in a Basko Tactical Gear holster in the 3 o'clock position (3:25am if you want to be fancy). The Glock mags are taken up a notch with extended base pads by Taran Tactical Innovations that get you one more round. The assisted-open folder from Zero Tolerance Knives 0350TS shows off their tiger-stripe Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. While the watch looks basic, the Casio Pathfinder PAG240T is the durability without all the fuss. The cup o' joe is Good F**king Coffee from Black Rifle Coffee that's been fluffed with some of that community powder stuff you find in the office kitchen.

Monday Morning EDC: Loadout #2


Holy mother of EDC, this is one of those EDCs that if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes we wouldn't completely believe it. But there is a guy, who really does carry all this stuff every day. The eight-shot snubby is a Smith & Wesson Model 327 in .357 Magnum, which rests snuggly OWB at 4 o'clock in a DeSantis Speed Scabbard secured on a Churchill Leather belt. Firepower goes from eight to twenty-four rounds by packing the 5 Star Firearms Speed Loaders.

With a grand total of 1100 lumens, this loadout has a SureFire X300 and a SureFire E2D as well as back up batteries. The folder is lovingly referred to as “a cheap Chinese knife that won’t be missed if lost.” A Leatherman Wave multi-tool fills in any would-be missing gaps in this EDC. Carrying custom molded ear pro seems like some sort of EDC lifehack that could be applicable to every facet of life. A Pocket Juice backup battery keeps power for the iPhone. And, one bic lighter.

The coffee is whatever you’ve got, black.

Monday Morning EDC: Loadout #3


No doubt this is a partial purse dump. This purse dump was abbreviated to show what this woman carries when she doesn’t want to lug around her Coach bag. The pink Ruger LC9s was selected out of frugality after seeing the same pistol in black selling for $100 more on GunBroker. The Convertible Holster by The Well-Armed Woman keeps the gun secure IWB at 4 o'clock. While not wanting to look tactarded with an over-exaggerated belt, a standard women's belt from Banana Republic keeps the holster from being drawn along with the gun. To stay on track, a Moleskine Chapters Journal is a necessity to maintain organization through list after list. The lightweight folder, is a Model SNG made by Strider Knives. The Coach card case has enough room for only a couple of cards. The hair ties, bobby pins, and Burt's Bees lip balm complete this EDC loadout. And, the coffee is –not surprisingly- Starbucks with a bit of hazelnut creamer.

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