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Monday Morning EDC: The Cup’s the Thing

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Those interested in EDC (Every Day Carry) include everyone from the pragmatic and practical to the gearcurious metrotacticals who know as much about hair products and sartorial mores as they do ballistics.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Whether it’s a legitimate interest in good gear, a morbid fascination with the overachievers who claim to be carrying three times as much as they actually do or a harmless expression of narcissism, EDC pictures and discussions are now a intrinsic part of the tactical/firearm community.

Once again this morning we”ll look at 3 possible “EDC Loadouts” you might have on, or laid out to put on, while drinking your Monday morning cup of joe. We’ll see what you think about them. Soon we’ll give you the opportunity to show off what you’re carrying. Because of the unexpected response we've had to comments about the cups we've included in the article we'll try to include information on that as well.

Monday Morning EDC: Carry Loadout 1. Browning Hi-Power

Monday Morning Carry EDC Browning 2

Note: this says Hi-Power not Hi-Point, although when it comes to gun choice and exercising your constitutional right as guaranteed by the Second Amendment — to each his own.

This loadout includes a venerable but beloved Browning Hi-Power. It's one of the models made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. We're not entirely sure which ammunition is in this image; best guest is Speer Gold Dot 115gr Hollow Point, but honestly it could be about anything.

There's no knife in the picture per se, but the CRKT Bivy multi-tool has a nice blade with locking liner on it and provides additional flexibility for workaday needs. Light (the mostly likely thing in this loadout to be used every day) is a powerful little SureFire G2 X equipped with a Thyrm Switchback. Two spare magazines are kept in a Blue Force Gear Ten Speed minimalist mag pouch and a Combat Gauze LE hemostatic dressing (left over from a Pocket D.A.R.K. Mini the damn dog chewed up) in a repurposed handcuff belt pouch of the same material. There's also a Suunto Ambit3 Peak (HR) from US Elite Gear and a harmonica. The dog probably chewed up the IFAK in protest over what it heard from the latter. The holster is an acceptable but not remarkable Kydex number of unknown manufacture.

The coffee cup was a gift from a KASOTC Special Operations Forcs (SOF) trainer in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The coffee in it hails from De Espresso Liber.

Monday Morning Carry EDC Browning 1

Monday Morning Carry EDC Browning 3

Monday Morning EDC: Carry Loadout 2. Bare Bones Glock 42

Monday Morning Carry Sister 1

There isn't much to this pocket dump. The cup was a joke — it was picked up at a garage sale and given to a younger brother for his birthday. An unmodified Glock 42 rides in its wrong-handed owner's front left pocket in a simple Blackhawk! ITPH holster. A spare magazine rides loose in the opposite pocket. Both the flashlight and the folding knife are of unknown provenance. The former might have come from a hardware store. No idea on the latter — both do exactly what they're intended to, and neither will evoke tears if they're lost or broken. The watch is a basic Timex. Coffee is something nasty left over from the day before and microwaved to scalding. Ammunition is Winchester 95 gr .380 FMJ from Brownell's; this was taken immediately after a return from the range.

Monday Morning Carry Sister 3

Monday Morning Carry Sister 2


Monday Morning EDC: Carry Loadout 3. Glock 43 with WML

Monday Morning Carry Masirah Cup 2

This EDC is a concealed carry loadout centered on a stock Glock 43 equipped with a Streamlight TLR-6 light/laser combo and carried in a Pitbull Tactical “Bloodline Nocturnal” AIWB holster. The primary mag uses a capacity expanding magazine extension base pad from Taran Tactical Innovations. The flashlight is a Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition, the little task knife a Spyderco of some unknown variety, the karambit is from Bone Tactical and the watch is a Smith & Bradley. Spare mag is carried in the center of the body IWB in a mag pouch from PHLster.

Now, while that cup may look insignificant, it's not. It was bartered for by a number of extremely intoxicated soldiers on New Year's Eve 2001 under some cammie netting on Masirah Island — at the time there was nary a good mug to be had, just these little styrofoam numbers about the size of a thimble. The cost was dear — a KSK Senior NCO walked away with an entire case of Gatorade powder, a Marmot thermal undershirt, a very nice multitool and an awesome pair of wool socks. The cup was worth it, however, and revenge was sweet. The socks, though clean, had been previously used in transit at al-Seeb Air Base in a very private way we shall leave to your imagination.

Ammunition for the person is Murdered Out from Black Rifle Coffee Company. Ammunition for the gun is BrassMAXX 115gr FMJ from TulAmmo.

Monday Morning Carry Masirah Cup 3

Monday Morning Carry Masirah Cup 1

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