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Monday Morning EDC: Monday Morning Mayhem

Having just returned from a work trip, coffee just wasn’t going to cut it this morning — but I’ll play along with the morning coffee mug routine. Today’s EDC is based around one of my favorite pistols: the venerable 1911.

Monday Morning EDC 4


Monday Morning Mayhem

Without getting into a debate about its current relevance with the plastic pistol crowd, you will be happy to know I own plenty of plastic pistols which also see rotation. This 1911 is a Springfield Armory Milspec that has been built by the masterful hands of Chuck Rogers of Rogers Precision. The melted lines of the old war horse are carried in a De Santis IWB Inner Piece Holster. Spare Wilson Combat 47D magazine resides in a Bianchi 21 IWB magazine pouch. Feeding the Springfield? That's done with a good diet of Federal 230 Grain HST hollowpoints.

That wallet is a Kangaroo leather piece, purchased while traveling through Darwin, Australia and holds a few credit cards with no room on them, a CCW, a frozen yogurt card of some sort and pictures of my kids.

Monday Morning EDC 5

My pocket is rarely without an Emerson knife of some type, this one being a CQC-15. Emerson knives are well made, slim and easy to sharpen.

Monday Morning EDC 3

This is in contrast to the trend of putting boat anchors in your pocket with an edge you have to put back on with a grinder, I know.

Monday Morning EDC 2

Light is a Surefire L1 Lummox I’ve had for years and just plain works. The loud-out is wrapped up with a K.E. Arms Titanium Goblin for those hard to open bottles we deal with on a daily basis. It's not for unruly gangbangers or the skulls of wouldbe muggers. Really.

Not shown: a couple of different measures to control bleeding, one of which is always in arms reach no matter where I go.

Monday Morning EDC 6



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