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More on the Aimpoint Nano MRDS

As we reported earlier, somebody in Europe has leaked images of what appears to be a new Aimpoint MRDS style pistol optic. It looks like the pictures were first seen on the Facebook page for Polish website That Facebook page can be found here.

New Aimpoint MRDS Leaked 2

According to their post,

“Nowa broń szwajcarskiego B&T, czyli Universal Service Weapon (USW). Szwajcarzy coraz bardziej idą w stronę zastąpienia pistoletu samopowtarzalnego w broń do tej samej amunicji, ale z kolbą i kilkoma innymi dodatkami.”

Now, none of us speak Polish, but some Google Fu (again) leads us to conclude this to be imagery of theBrügger & Thomet. Swiss Universal Service Weapon PDW, further confirming what we reported in our earlier article. We’re obviously interested in the handgun as well as the optic, but will have to wait for more information as it becomes available. Aimpoint remains mum on the project (probably as they work to minimize whatever damage the leak caused). I’m not inclined to try tacitly threatening behavior to get more information from them as some firearm blogs are wont to do.

Meantime read the rest of what we know about the optic and the weapon right here.

New Aimpoint MRDS Leaked 4

Stand by for further!

New Aimpoint MRDS Leaked 3


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