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American Made Giveaway: Overwatch Precision CZ TAC Trigger Kit

Made in the USA – Overwatch Precision CZ TAC Trigger Kit Giveaway

As our name implies, precision is extremely important to us.

When we set out to improve the performance of CZ's flagship striker-fired polymer frame P-10 pistol, we quickly realized we'd have to approach the project from a different perspective. To improve the trigger on many striker-fired, polymer frame handguns often requires a combination of minute adjustments to trigger bars, connectors, and springs, but this wasn't entirely the case with the P-10.

To achieve the desired performance without compromising any factory safety features from the P-10, we found an improved striker to be the best solution.  Accomplishing this meant using Swiss-style CNC machining from 416 stainless steel to ensure the tightest tolerances and NP3® treating for corrosion resistance and self-lubrication. Coupled with our proven TAC trigger shoe design, the CZ TAC Trigger System delivers safe and reliable pre-travel reduction in the P-10 series pistols and it’s backed by our lifetime warranty.

Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger System

The Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger System is a patent-pending seven-piece upgrade for your Smith & Wesson MP 2.0 that reduces total travel and pre-travel by 50 percent. Engineered by us from the ground up, this kit provides the unmatched performance you have come to expect from all OP products.

Our S&W MP 2.0 Trigger Bar

Through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our trigger bar is held to industry-leading tolerances using a progressive die manufacturing process, a metal forming technique used in aerospace manufacturing that guarantees the most consistent performance and highest quality parts. This process, coupled with a space-age NP3 coating, provides the end user with the highest quality trigger bar ever offered.

TAC Trigger

Our proven TAC trigger is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with features immediately identifiable as Overwatch Precision’s intellectual property. The overall design has been the go-to for Glock pistols since we released it in 2016, and its overall shape and function have been refined to excel in this new platform. With pre-travel reduction and a flat face, this self-correcting contact point aids in a linear rearward pull and increases accuracy. The indexing lip helps the shooter consistently place their finger on the trigger in the exact same spot every time, helping muscle memory and overall consistency.

The Sear

At the heart of this system is our NP3 coated sear. With a proprietary sear angle and large radius, this sear allows for a light and consistent break that can be tuned to the shooter’s preference with the two trigger return springs provided.

The Plunger

This product has a proprietary radius that replaces the OEM chamfer and creates a measurable “hump” in the trigger pull. This Swiss CNC’d part, coupled with NP3, creates a smooth pull to the wall. The plunger spring provides constancy and safe operation of this part, as intended by S&W.

The Trigger Springs

We offer two different trigger return springs with this kit. Standing by our ethos of serious-use defensive weapon components, we include a 4.5-pound return spring for duty or carry use for a dependable, predictable break.

With the growth of USPSA popularity and participation in and amongst firearm enthusiasts, we also offer a 3.2-pound spring. Please note, this spring is not suitable for carry.

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