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My 10/22 identifies as Binary, courtesy of Franklin Armory

Binary triggers can be a lot of fun, but the heartache for most sets in when you have to lay out the cash for the ammo. Sure enough, one of the more common arguments against the binary trigger is that it “wastes ammo” or it's “too expensive to feed”.

Franklin Armory’s BFSIII (Binary Firing System) for the AR platform.

We have heard these arguments from people decrying full auto fire as “too expensive”, “unnecessary” or an “ammunition waster”. For us, the only ammunition that is ever wasted is the stuff that is never fired. To be honest, we will readily admit that 22 lr through a full-auto Uzi stings the wallet a hell of a lot less than firing the same amount of 9mm through it.

If a binary trigger was your only option and you did not have the coin to fire 5.56, 7.62 or even 9mm on a regular basis you had a few options. You could either install the binary in a dedicated 22 host gun like a S&W M&P-15/22, use a CMMG dedicated rimfire upper or install a 22-conversion bolt in your 5.56 gun.

Franklin Armory decided enough was enough and has produced a safe and effective binary trigger for one of the most rugged and reliable rimfire rifles on the planet: The Ruger 10/22.

Franklin Armory BFSIII for the 10/22

We got to take an early look at their latest development and in what has pretty much always been the case with every binary trigger that Franklin has released, we loved it.

The installation was a little bit more than replacing your factory 10/22 trigger with a custom trigger. Most significant will be installing the new “selector”.

The Ruger 10/22 uses a cross-bolt safety mounted in the trigger guard. Obviously, this would pose a challenge to using the existing safety with a binary trigger as you need three positions to make it work (safe, semi and binary). So Franklin redesigned it into a three-position ambidextrous selector. To the rear for safe, straight down for semi-auto and fully forward for binary.

Shooting the Franklin Armory BFSIII Ruger 10/22

In Binary mode, the firearm will discharge one round on the pull of the trigger and one round on the release of the trigger. All BFSIII triggers feature the ability to negate the release round in Binary mode by modulating the safety selector back to “Semi” mode or “Safe.” Additionally, all BFSIII triggers are engineered to prevent the shooter from modulating the selector to “Binary” mode while holding the trigger back in “Semi” mode.

BFS III in the 10/22

Pricing on this new trigger is $299.99. That should leave you plenty of money to dress your 10/22 up like an MG42, Tommy Gun or whatever fun looking kits they make these days for the 10/22. The BFSIII will fit Magnum Research MLR rifles as well as custom built rifles using the Brownells BLR-22 and receivers from Volquartsen, Tactical Innovations and Tactical Solutions.

If anything those relatively new 25-round 10/22 donkey dingus looking magazines will see more use than the old compact rotary 10-rounders.

The BFSIII will be on display at their booth at the 2020 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 21-24 and attendees of Industry Day at the range can try it out for themselves on January 20.

For more information check out Franklin Armory.

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One response to “My 10/22 identifies as Binary, courtesy of Franklin Armory”

  1. Robert Norwood says:

    It’s a lot of work and money for a .22 LR. I mean not even in Magnum? But let’s speak to Binary Triggers. Sure, you can eat up ammo but who says you need to do that? A little practice so you can use it effectively in either an “out numbered scenario” or simply hitting someone in difficult situations. You need to face one fact, if the balloon goes up you will need one of these.

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