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Nazi 1911 for Sale

No, you didn't misread the title–though technically it's a Kongsberg Colt model 1914. Colt licensed the 1911 design to the Norwegian manufacturer Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk so Norway could replace their Nagant revolver service pistols.
It's estimated that only one thousand pistols were produced and Waffen-marked for the German army. And if you have a cool $6,850 burning a hole in your pocket, you can own this one.

Legacy Collectables, the seller of this piece of history details:

This particular piece falls in the documented serial range of 29261-30523, where only ~30-50 have been reported. It has the original matte blue finish and stained birch grips, which have retained a good portion of the dark stain finish. The gun is 1945 dated, and it is stamped along the left side of the slide “11.25m/m AUT. PISTOL M/1914” followed by the serial number, above which is a crown/K inspector proof. To the left of this stamp is an E/WaA84 nazi proof, showing this gun was delivered to the German occupying forces in Norway. The barrel is numbered to the pistol.. Bore is excellent, all parts are original and matching and gun comes with original loop magazine.


See it all here.

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