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NC Security Guard Apparently Murdered for his Gun

An on-duty security guard was murdered over the weekend in North Carolina, apparently because someone wanted his gun.

According to various news sources, including WXII News, Guard One security officer Anthony Smith, 51, died of a single gunshot wound at 7:20pm at the Winston-Salem Food Lion where he was working after a man described as a “..light-skinned, heavy-set black man in his early 30s” walked up and shot him in the head.

NC Security Guard Apparently Murdered for his Gun

Local news reports say,

The suspect took Smith’s gun from his holster and fled the scene on foot, police said. He was last seen heading south on South English Street, police said.

There were no signs of the suspect trying to rob the store or any customers, police said. No disturbances involving Smith were reported or observed inside the store before the shooting, police said.

Police released surveillance images of the suspect on Monday and described the suspect as a light-skinned, heavy-set black man in his early 30s standing 5’10” to 6′ tall. He was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, a black hat and Nike shoes, police said.

It’s impossible for anyone to remain situationally aware at all times, on duty or off, and even the best weapon retention tactics can fail you (note: Smith’s killer was already armed; he stole the weapon after the murder). Although recent hard numbers are not available, it estimated that between five and ten percent of LEOs murdered with a firearm on duty are killed with their own service weapon, or by what are referred to as “gun grabs.” This is one several reasons why so many armed citizens prefer not to open carry, although that is absolutely in so many places their right.

In this case we have someone whom police suspect was chosen for the chance to lay hands on another pistol.

If you are open carrying, what are you doing to prevent becoming a target of opportunity?

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