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New “pop up” flip sights from LMT Defense

These are LMT Defense's new flip sights, designed to pop back up with slight pressure after collapsing down to prevent injury. The goal is to have flip sights that will fold down in the event that a Soldier, Marine, etc. takes a fall (thus keeping him from being impaled) but spring back into position with minimal effort from the shooter. The sights are equipped with a cam system to make this happen; once down, the shooter should be able to knock the rifle on the corner of a building, strike it against the side of a vehicle hatch while dismounting or something similar so they'll redeploy. This way there's no fumbling with them or taking eyes off the environment.

Remember Drake smacking his helmet cam on the hull of the M577?

LMT Defense Flip Sights 2

The 5.56mm sights seen here are designed for the ballistic drop of a 5.56mm 62gr projectile on a carbine length receiver. The .308 versions are designed for that caliber accordingly. Sights come marked in yardage but can be obtained in the metric system upon request.  The white marking you may be able to see in the images are temporary and can be wiped away if necessary for use in the field.

LMT Defense Flip Sights 8

LMT Defense Flip Sights 3

LMT Defense Flip Sights 4

I'll be spending a few days next week in one of Will Petty‘s VCQB courses at 88 Tactical Group next week and will be checking out the sights. I'll advise how they hold up and how I like 'em afterward. See the specs below. More information on the LMT Defense website and on their Facebook page.

The sights are manufactured at LMT's facility in Illinois.

LMT Defense Flip Sights 6

LMT Defense Flip Sights 7

LMT Defense Pop Up Sights 5

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