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New Products – Issue 34

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Look at it. The new CompM5 is the product of one crazy consensual evening involving the older, proven CompM4 sight and the newer, sexier Micro T-2 reflex sight. Aimpoint took the ruggedness of the U.S. Army’s well regarded M68 close combat optic, shrunk it down and fed it a single, easy-to-source AAA battery that powers the optic for years. It’s got a 2 MOA dot, and 10 intensity settings, the first four of which are designed to work with night vision equipment. While it’s a little longer than the Micro T line, it uses the same mounts, so there’s no shortage of great ways to mount the CompM5 if you pass on Aimpoint’s factory mounting system. It’s a solid upgrade to the CompM4 that reduces size while increasing ease-of-use without giving up a bit of performance.

Make: Aimpoint
Model: CompM5
Settings: 4 night vision; 6 daylight
Battery: 1 AAA
Estimated Battery Life: 10 years night vision; 5 years medium daylight; 1 year maximum daylight
MSRP:  $1,068 with AR mount

RECC-180100-INCOMING-Plumb01.jpg RECC-180100-INCOMING-Plumb02.png

While the US Optics SR-8S isn’t brand new, the reticle inside this particular model is. The Plumb reticle is tailored to allow a sniper or marksman to engage people at unknown distances at a rapid pace without any additional special equipment or calculations. To range with the Plumb reticle, simply nest a target head or torso inside the funnel, and squeeze the trigger. For more precise ranging, there are 1/10th mil scales on either side in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Currently, the reticle is intended for 175-grain 7.62N fired from a 1/10 twist barrel, the same used by many designated marksmen — weird.

Make: Plumb Reticle/U.S. Optics
Model: SR-8S
Magnification: 1-8x
Colors: Matte Black
MSRP: $1,595


Most of the time when you read about a new cheekrest, the manufacturer will go on about the pure utility. In this case, the very thing mentioned is how great it looks. Presumably if you’re in the market for a $100-plus cheekrest, you’re already aware of the benefits, and perhaps that cut up iso-mat and 100 mph your rifle currently rocks just isn’t doing it for you anymore. When ordering you specify your stock type so they can ensure you get straps of the correct length, and they also toss another set in for you in case you change your mind down the line.

Make: Bradley Cheekrest
Model: Elite Series Cordura 500d Bradley Adjustable
Colors: OD, Multicam, Kryptek, Coyote, and FDE
MSRP: $125


Instant on and instant off is a major selling point for this bipod from Spartan Precision Equipment. They utilize a magnetic locking system to attach this aluminum and carbon-fiber bipod. It’s not just legs either, the Spartan 300 has cant, rotation, tungsten carbide tips, and locking abilities just like other high-end rifle bipods. The magnetic system means the bipod can be stowed when it’s not needed, or can easily be swapped from rifle to rifle. Despite the Thermopylae theme, we doubt they can guarantee your survival against an army of over 100,000 Persians. But it probably can’t hurt.

Make: Spartan Precision Equipment
Model: Spartan 300 Bipod
Colors: Black
MSRP: $395


We love short guns, and apparently so does Pantheon Arms. They’ve developed a buffer system for AR pistols that’s incredibly short — just 3.5 inches beyond your receiver; about half that of a normal buffer system. Shaving off that kind of length without touching the barrel and retaining a functional rifle isn’t an easy job. Remarkably, Pantheon Arms achieved this level of shortness without the use of a proprietary BCG but only with a special buffer and spring configuration. Currently, the Kentri Buffer System is available for both SB Tactical and Shockwave brace systems, but not for short-barreled rifles. As to whether you’re small enough to get a proper position with a stock more than 3 inches shorter? That part is up to you.

Make: Pantheon Arms
Model: Kentri Buffer System
Colors: Black
MSRP: $55


This one turned our heads, mostly because we couldn’t figure out exactly what the hell was going on. The short story is that the M-Zero Scope Mount is a Picatinny rail that can be zeroed. Follow us here, because it might seem a bit weird at first. There are many quality QD optic-mounts that retain their zeros decently when removed and reattached. ModZero took it a step further and made a rail that can be zeroed. If you have an optic zeroed to one rifle, the M-Zero allows that optic to be placed on a second rifle and also be zeroed, since you adjust the M-Zero itself. We haven’t had time to do any sort of extensive testing, but if it works it’s kinda neat.

Make: ModZero Defense
Model: M-Zero Scope Mount
Colors: Black
MSRP: $350


For the downhill skier, snowboarder, or other winter sportsman, Giro dropped a new frameless goggle design for your perusal. Like many new items released the last several years, it’s also available in Kryptek. The Axis features a new quick-change lens system that utilizes magnets to aid fast location; especially handy when you’re wearing gloves. Speaking of lenses, no cheap stuff here with ZEISS and VIVID producing the optics. Of course being made by Giro, they’re a seamless fit with Giro helmets, though we’re sure you’ll be able to use it on any number of head protectors.

Make: Giro
Model: Axis Goggle – Kryptek Highlander
Colors: Various, to included White, Black, Green, Bronze, Blue, Gray, Yellow, and more
MSRP: $180


Been drooling over the Magpul Mossberg shotgun stock options, but you happen to own a Beretta 1301? This is for you. Aridus Industries took something that used to be in the realm relegated to Dremel and Bondo enthusiasts mainstream. That is, putting a stock on a gun where it wasn’t originally intended. The ASA-1301 adapter is a CNC’d 6061 anodized aluminum adapter that’s placed between the Beretta and the Magpul Mossberg SGA stock for a solid fit and seamless look.

Make: Aridus Industries
Model: ASA- 1301 Stock Adapter
Colors: Black
MSRP: $75


Protecting your hands is important, be it from freezing weather to broken glass to hot rifle barrels. So far we haven’t seen “one glove to rule them all” as winter gloves are invariably too bulky for fine manipulation, and shooting gloves are too thin to be useful in the snow. There are endless options for cold-weather gloves, and at least a dozen excellent options for shooting, which is why we normally have several pairs around the house. First Spear didn’t try and make the One Glove, but instead a glove system. Inner gloves meant for baseline protection, and outer gloves for colder weather. Yeah, you’re still going to have multiple gloves, but these are intended to work together.

Make: First Spear
Model: Operator Inner and Outer Glove
Colors: Black
MSRP: $57 (inner), $66 (outer)

Attaching a laser range finder, ballistic calculator, and a red-dot sight to a spotting scope can make a spotter’s job much easier and generally help keep all of your kit in one place. While there are spotting scopes on the market that specifically have integral Picatinny rails for this expressed purpose, the Kinetic Development Group Optics HUB allows you to retrofit your favorite spotting scope. With 22 M-LOK slots and 14 camera threaded inserts, you’re unlikely to be found wanting for mounting real estate.

Make: Kinetic Development Group
Model: The Optics HUB
Colors: FDE
MSRP: $179

dji mavic pro platinum

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: drones? To which we say: absolutely! Like it or not, drones and UAVs are here to stay, so we might as well embrace and utilize the technology for ourselves. While you can take great downhill skiing and snowboarding videos with one, you can also use it to check large properties and scout out your favorite hunting hide. The DJI Mavic Pro Platnium can fit into a [larger] cargo pocket, fly for 30 minutes, and capture more than decent video for the price point. Sidenote: We bought our Mavic Pro from CarolinaDronz since the owner is a shooter and a supporter of the PRS series.

Make: DJI
Model: Mavic Pro Platinum
MSRP: $1,099


Leupold is hoping to make a big splash with their newest Mark 8 — and we do mean big, as it’s 16 inches long and has a 35mm tube diameter. In this instance, we’re told the larger tube allows for greater elevation adjustment and we expect the optical quality to be on par with other flagship Leupold products. At more than 32 ounces naked before a mount, this one isn’t going on your ultralight build. This durable, long-range, front focal plane optic will be available with nearly a half-dozen reticles, from the simple TMR to the Christmas tree of a Horus Tremor 3.

Make: Leupold
Model: Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm
MSRP: $3,900-$4,289

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