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New Timney Triggers for Glock Pistols

Timney Triggers has just announced a new challenger to the hegemony of Glock Triggers, and it's available now. Teaming up with Shane Coley, the captain of Team Glock, Timney Triggers departs the familiar territory of bolt-action guns and AR-style firearms to continue onto striker-fired pistols. The reliability of Glock has become foundational to its reputation, and so any trigger made for the handgun must rise to that level. When it comes down to detail, that reliability means more than just setting of the chain of events that sends a bullet downrange, but doing it with the same trigger weight, same reset, and “feel” every time, not to mention the confidence that it will never go off when left unattended.

The safety aspect of the Timney Alpha Trigger for Glock is reinforced by the stock parts that remain in the gun. The entire upper receiver is left untouched, while the lower gets a new trigger bar, shoe, and lower receiver group that drops into the trigger housing. Installing into the lower as a true drop-in package, the replacement of OEM parts requires little time and only a few tools. Shane Coley of team Glock demonstrated it live for us on RECOILtv:


A three-pound pull on a Glock Trigger has long fueled dreams akin to the holy grail, and to some, achieving it sounds like it must come down to black magic. Timney Triggers, however, completes the triad of reliable, crisp, and light trigger in a Glock handgun by their trigger housing. The first Timney Glock Triggers are specific to Glock Gen 3 and 4 models, and fits GEN 3: G17, G17L,
G19, G22, G24, G23, G34, G35, and GEN 4: G17,G19, G22, G23, G34,G35 handguns. In order to launch the trigger, Timney partnered up with Brownell's where you can find the Gen 3 & 4 for $150. Those with Gen 5 Glock's can preorder for $150 and get it as soon as it hits the warehouse.


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  1. BeoBear says:

    What about the G21/20? This is Glock racism!!!

    Seriously though….G21.

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