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New Vertx bag line for EDC promises great things

Some of our team had the opportunity to go over the new line of Vertx bags yesterday and they were impressive – and, just as importantly, well within a reasonable price point. The series includes 2 different sizes of courier/messenger bags, a couple of backpacks and a very, very interesting range bag. We'll be going over some of the various pieces in the next few days, but for now we'd recommend keeping an eye on the Vertx Facebook page and website for updates. There are some truly unique features in these things (as in genuinely we've never seen anything like it before) and we think you're going to like them. Sometimes the terms EDC and CCW are tossed around too easily. Not this time. This isn't just Every Day Carry, it is, as Brad Thor put it, “Every Day Ready”, and it's not so overdone or over-engineered that you wind up not using it.

Vertx-new EDC bag line-2

Vertx-new EDC bag line-4

Vertx-new EDC bag line

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