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New York State Raises Age To Own Semi-Automatic Rifles


Under a new law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, residents of New York under the age of 21 will be prohibited from buying semi-automatic rifles.

This, along with 9 other anti-gun laws, was passed and signed into law today. 

The others include nonsensical measures such as…

Prohibiting the purchase of body armor with exceptions for law enforcement and “eligible professions.” Those professions are as of yet undefined.

Strengthening the Red Flag Law by expanding who may file an ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) to include healthcare practitioners who have examined an individual within the last six months. As well as, a measure requiring police and district attorneys to file ERPO petitions when they have acquired credible information an individual is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm.

Implementing microstamping in new firearms. This is a non-existent technology that “stamps” every shot fired with an ID code. The law just signed instructs New York's Division of Criminal Justice Services to certify or decline to certify microstamping-enabled pistols as technologically viable. If found viable, the law requires the division to establish programs for the implementation of the non-existent technology.

In theory, this is how micro stamping would work. Kind of.
In theory, this is how micro stamping would work. Kind of.

Multiple Other Laws, covering things like enhanced information sharing among law enforcement for state and federal gun databases and improving the response and reporting of hateful or threatening social media content.

Something New York may not know and clearly won’t care about is California's attempt at raising the age to buy semi-automatic rifles was recently overturned by the 9th U.S. Circut Court of Appeals, which ruled the legislation unconstitutional.

In early May, the 9th Circuit—widely considered the nation's most anti-gun court—found the age-specific ban illegal.

What might make New York's law different is it requires a license to buy firearms, not outrightly banning sales by age. However, the minimum age for the license in question is 21-years-old. This may be construed as similar to a provision that survived in the California ruling, where an individual under the age of 21 must obtain a hunting license to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

The ruling is currently stayed, waiting for California State Attorneys to appeal the case.

Microstamping is also on the books in California as a requirement for certification of new pistol designs sold in the state. Sadly, this fantasy has survived multiple legal challenges despite the fact no firearm boasting the technology currently exists.


The United States Supreme Court is currently deciding multiple Second Amendment cases. NYSRPA v. Bruen (concerning the right to bear arms in the public sphere), for instance, is a major case the court has yet to rule on after hearing arguments last year.

About a dozen other 2A cases are currently on hold at various levels of the legal system waiting for this particular decision.

While the case might be decided at any time, it is very probable a decision will be published sometime around the end of June or early July.

We don’t know what will happen with Bruen and its potential reach, but this is the first 2A case SCOTUS has heard in a long time. And if it's decided in accord with the Second Amendment—combine with the 9th Circut's earlier decision—the Empire State's attack on the Consitution might thankfully last a New York minute.

At least, let's hope so.

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