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Offhand Gear’s range bag for women

This is the NORB – No Ordinary Range Bag. It's from Offhand Gear and is designed for female shooters by a female shooter. It's been out for a while now but that doesn't mean it's not worth checking out. The strap is like a bungee-style rifle strap and the messenger-style bag is laid out to carry not only accessories, magazines, wallets, etc. but also to allow off-body carry of a firearm with either left- or right-hand draw. Built to be water resistant and durable, it is lined with Slip-Not fabric to double as a ‘range pad' while open.

Offhand Gear NORB 2Learn more right here; you can see more images and all the individual features here.

Offhand Gear NORB 3

• Messenger style bag (14” wide x 12” tall).

• 3” depth designed to stand up while removing items.

• Rifle sling inspired strap has approx 20” drop.

• Exterior zipper is ambidextrous for left or right handed carry.

• Front Flap doubles as range pad featuring slip-not fabric.

• 2 rear compartments for pistol(s)/wallet are padded for protection of

firearm(s), making a holster unnecessary.

• Main compartment easily holds 4 – 6 boxes of ammo, eyes, ears and

other needed range items.

• Mesh cell phone pouch.

• 2 elastic magazine holders can accommodate either double or single

stack magazines.

• Extra mesh pouch with zipper on 2 sides for makeup, hair ties, keys

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