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Our Regards and Respect on Memorial Day

Today we remember those who have given what Abraham Lincoln called the last full measure of devotion in the service of the United States of America. Today we mourn their loss, celebrate their life, honor their willingness to risk what only a fraction of their fellow citizens would risk.

To you who have given your lives to this great nation, to the families and comrades who mourn you still; to you we give our utmost regard, gratitude and respect.

“Those who will may raise monuments of marble to perpetuate the fame of heroes. Those who will may build memorial halls to remind those who shall gather there in after times what manhood could do and dare for right, and what high examples of virtue and valor have gone before them. But let us make our offering to the ever-living soul. Let us build our benefactions in the ever-growing heart, that they shall live and rise and spread in blessing beyond our sight, beyond the ken of man and beyond the touch of time.” Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Medal of Honor

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