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Outta The Closet: Magpul MOE AK Stock

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Magpul's MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) line contains the most affordable items in their catalog. Sometimes it's a piece made of polymer instead of metal, like with their trigger guards. Other times MOE items have fewer features, like the lack of the extra friction lock and QD point on the MOE stock versus the CTR. And then there are separate items, like the fixed carbine stock, and what we're talking about today: the MOE AK stock.

When Magpul hit the AK market hard with furniture and other accessories we even heard people who didn't like AKs considering buying them. Especially the longer handguards which were more suitable for modern American shooting methods and the Zhukov stock. Hell, everyone loves a folding buttstock. It seems as if every good series of gear has a runty brother, and this is no different. The runty brother in this case is the MOE AK stock.

Perhaps we're being a little unfair here. The MOE AK stock has a nice hybrid look to it, like a metal Russian triangle folder had a ménage à trois with a CTR and an A1 buttstock. There is the occasional odd duck who prefers and fixed stock, and unfortunately, folding and collapsible stocks aren't legal everywhere. All the MOE AK stock has to do, really, is be better than the old Soviet-standby wooden stock. It's only in comparison to the Zhukov that the MOE shines a bit less.


The MOE AK stock does look very good if you're into polymer stocks. Let's face it: If you're only into traditional AK furniture, then you aren't giving a serious look at the Magpul anyhow.

Attaching this stock is a little different than your run of the mill offering. If there's one consistent thing about AKs across the world, it's inconsistency. Sometimes it seems that every factory puts out something a wee bit different than the next, even when they're located in the same country. Receiver wall thickness is variable–and if you're dealing with a halfassed homebuild? Good luck. We've seen many buttstocks installed and removed with the aid of a rubber mallet and profanity. Magpul solved this problem by using a unique wedge system.


It makes it easy to install on common stamped receiver AKs but the MOE AK stock is not compatible with Chinese, Yugoslavian, or milled guns. Even still some minor fitting may be required (but it's an AK–it should damn near come with a Dremel tool anyway). Compared to other polymer stocks that are either as loose as the change under the cushion or wooden stocks that require a serious amount of material removed to fit–it's great.

Your traditional wooden AK stock has a trapdoor in the buttstock for your cleaning kit. Magpul also included a storage compartment under their cheek piece. There's a button you slide back for access with a convenient bullet tip indentation. It's noteworthy that taller cheek pieces can be purchased if you're running optics that require it.

The QD socket locations are ideal if you like to run your rear sling point all the way out, but it would be nice to see another option closer to the receiver. Sling swivel QD cups are not included but can be purchased separately. If you're into fixed stocks on AKs, you could do a helluva lot worse–even on ugly franken-parts guns like this:


The Magpul MOE AK Stock carries and MSRP of $60. For more information, visit Magpul online here, or give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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