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Palmetto State Armory’s exciting new AKs for 2020

We visited the Palmetto State Armory (PSA) during the 2020 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we saw more AK variants than we had seen in the original Red Dawn. While some writers think that 2020 may be the Year of the 5-7. This writer thinks it might very well be the Year of the AK.

Some readers might cringe when they hear the term “American-built AK” and up to a few years ago, we would have cringed along with you. It was an American-built PSA rifle that made this author change his mind. It not only looked great with the classic red furniture, but it has held up and become a favorite shooting partner of ours ever since.

PSAK-47 Liberty GB2 Classic Red Wood

This rifle had a bit of a teething problem with regard to magazines it liked in the beginning, but runs like a champ after a bit of fitting and breaking in. This one is available from PSA now, but let's take a look at some of the rest of the lineup.



What first caught our eyes was a short AK pistol with a brace, wood bottom handguard and a ventilated steel (cheese grater) top handguard. Although pistol caliber carbines are not this author's thing, this one had a look that intrigued me. It probably had to do with the handguard combination and the fact that it takes Scorpion magazines.

This is nothing new for PSA and we have heard lots of great feedback on the PSAKV9, which is this same pistol with MagPul furniture installed instead of the wood/metal mix. MSRP should be $799 and the release is first quarter 2020.

PSA CS AK-47 “The Spiker”


The first time we saw a semiauto civilian AK for sale in the United States was in a variety store in a shopping mall in Carlsbad, California, while stationed at Camp Pendleton. It was either a Norinco or a Polytech and it had a long folding bayonet, not unlike what one would see on an old Chinese SKS.

PSA is looking to recreate that classic rifle pattern with its PSA CS model, nicknamed The Spiker. This one is due to ship the second quarter of 2020 and if nostalgia with Kalashnikovs is your thing, this may be the one for you. MSRP is said to be $799.



We took a look at the PSA AK-74, which was around last year, too and we hope to see one later in the year. Chambered in 5.45 X 39, this is another classic design, but we think the reason for the delay may be that PSA wants to ensure there is a steady supply of ammunition.

This is due for a second-quarter release with an MSRP of $699 to $799 depending on options. The initial release will be a nitrated barrel with a cold hammer-forged barrel later on.

PSA Krink

PSA Krinkov

PSA will be offering a US-made pistol patterned on the AKS74U aka the “Krinkov” with a triangle left side-folding brace. This one has us pretty excited as it could make a great starter for an SBR project.

Availability will be third quarter of 2020.

PSA AK-103


Perhaps the most anticipated offering from PSA in their AK series will be the AK-103. This is supposed to be the cream of the crop with its forged carrier, forged bolt, forged front trunnion, an AK-74 style brake, gas block and front sight base and boasting a hammer forged chrome lined AK barrel chambered in 7.62 x 39.

We were told there would be four variant: a fixed stock with a PSA-made barrel, a folding stock with a PSA-made barrel, a fixed stock with an FN-made barrel and a folding stock with an FN-made barrel,  MSRP will be from $699 to $899 depending on options and they should be shipping in the next 2-3 months.

Look forward to our detailed reviews on each of these variants as they become available. For more information check out

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