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Panteao Subscriber Appreciation Sale

Panteao Productions is running a subscriber appreciation sale. To express appreciation for all the support viewers have given the Panteao mobile app, from now until November 11th both monthly and yearly subscribers can purchase Panteao DVDs directly from Panteao at 35% off the retail price. You can subscribe here; select from the Panteao pantheon here.

Dave Spaulding - Panteao

Matt Jacques - PanteaoDownload the mobile app here; it is currently for the iPad only, but the iPhone/iPad version is currently awaiting approval from iTunes. Panteao video trailers and pro tips can be viewed via the app without being logged in. If you already have a monthly or yearly subscription to the Panteao website, log in with your credentials to the mobile app and you'll have access to all their full length videos.

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Warning: Language

Pat Rogers - Panteao

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