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Pipehitters Union 2016 Calendar: Gun Bunnies Need Not Apply

Your Tuesday running about as lame as Mondays usually do? Here's something to perk you up. Pipe Hitters Union and Straight 8 Photography have released their new calendar. The women involved are, predictably, quite hawt. Less predictably, they appear to know their way around a firearm — point being, no gun bunnies here. Among the calendar's lineup are such dangerous (and more importantly firearms-competent) females as Giselle Falla, Michelle Viscusi, Amanda Furrer, Brittany Paus, Alex Rogers, Breanne Ryan, Danielle Harris, Jacqueline Carrizosa, Tawny Lynn, Leah Hill, Rachel B and Jill Hensley. You can pre-order it right here.

PHU - Straight8 - 2016 Calendar 03

Still bummed out? Watch this video.

I'll hit Jason and PHU up to see if they'll send some additional imagery or behind-the-scenes stuff our way.

Find Pipe Hitters Union online here and on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram (@pipehittersunion). You should already know this, but you can also follow Straight 8 Photography on Instagram (@straight8photo).

PHU - Straight8 - 2016 Calendar 02

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