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Pocket Dumps of the Pros

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Five Industry Authorities Reveal Their Pocket Dump

In previous issues of CONCEALMENT, we’ve brought you carry pistol configurations of professionals spanning the spectrum from responsible citizen to veteran warriors. Of course, we’ll do the same here, but with a twist. This time, we’ll show you the actual everyday-carry (EDC) gear of some industry professionals.

Some people carry more than others. If you go by what people post on Instagram and other social media outlets, you may end up scratching your head and wondering how they fit it all in. Unfortunately, much of the time one can chalk it up to people taking pictures to impress their friends. Dump your pockets out right now and examine the contents. Do you carry some items every day that perhaps you didn’t previously consider part of your EDC before? Are you not carrying some items that you would normally declare as part of your EDC?

Each professional has detailed each item, along with their individual rationales for carrying them. While there are, no doubt, times when they carry more, there are probably scant few where they’re carrying less. We implore you to examine their EDCs, and compare them with your own.

GW Ayers III


Organization: Grey Ghost Gear/Tactical Tailor/Grey Ghost Precision
Position: Vice President
Military branch/LEO agency: U.S. Army
Highest military/LEO rank: Sergeant First Class

EDC Items:
Pistol: Glock 19, with Agency Arms grip and slide package, Trijicon HD night sights
Holster: Blade Tech Industries Eclipse AMBI Holster with their new removable belt clip
Knife: Benchmade 950 combo blade

Explain why you carry each item:
Pistol: Glock 19 is the perfect size for me; it looks like a 43 in my hand. It’s reliable, and with modern 9mm ammo it’s the perfect gun for me to carry daily. The Agency Arms upgrades take the gun to another level of accuracy and ease of handling. It feels like a tool that will help save my life or others. I always use the Trijicon HD sights on my guns; they’re easy for me to see as I get older.

Holster: I have used a ton of holsters; I always come back to that Eclipse — adding the easy-on-and-off belt adapters to the holster it’s easy to doff and don the holster without taking my belt off. I’m a lefty.

Knife: The Benchmade 950 is a tough knife that I’ve carried over other more expensive knives that I own. It keeps an edge and with the gray G10 handle looks very Grey Ghost. The pocket clip is reversible making it lefty friendly.

Everyday-Carry Philosophy:
Carry your gun — no, really carry it! We live in an unpredictable world, and it’s becoming increasingly dangerous. A great shooting instructor told me, “No one is coming to save you.” When I was a soldier, I always had a fire team to back me up. In the civilian world, your safety and the safety of your family is your responsibility. Train with your gun. Train as much as you can afford it and sustain that training with practice on your local range. Don’t be the person who has a weapon that’s used on them due to lack of training and mindset.


Amy Coyne


Organization: Regulus Global LLC
Position: Chief Operations Officer

EDC Items:
Pistol: Glock 43
Holster: Liion Defense USA
APX AIWB holster
Purse: 5.11 Lucy Tote
Pen: Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen
Flashight: Smith & Wesson
Galaxy Pathmarker Flashlight

Explain why you carry each item:
Glock 43: I previously used a Glock 26 for EDC, but quickly transitioned to the Glock 43 due to its narrower profile and ultra-concealable design — great solution to reduce printing, especially with women’s clothing!

Liion Defense USA APX AIWB: The streamlined profile and the secure click of the 43 into this Liion Defense holster provides better concealment and an added sense of security for AIWB carry.

5.11 Lucy Tote: I’m in love with the design simplicity of this bag. No one would suspect it’s a conceal and carry tote. It’s with me everywhere I go to carry all my daily essentials — wallet, keys, phone, laptop, pistol, etc.

Smith & Wesson Galaxy Pathmarker Flashlight: Always have a flashlight within reach! Have several of these placed throughout the house, car, and tote.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen: I always have a tactical pen clipped to my purse, tote, or backpack. In addition to being a functional pen and glass break tool, it gives me a greater sense of security to have something within close reach, especially when I can’t have my pistol.

Everyday-Carry Philosophy:
For me, EDC is all about personal defense and having a sense of security that I can take care of myself if/when needed. There are always situations when we find ourselves feeling uneasy and unprepared. Whether it’s walking down the street, in a large crowd, hiking in the woods, or anyplace else, my EDC items make me feel more comfortable and secure.




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