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Griffon Industries G19

Glock pistols are easily among the top two or three most customizable pistols in the gun world. The aftermarket selection and availability for Glock platform pistol components are truly off the charts. A part as simple as a magazine release all the way to the Glock’s slide and even frame are now offered in unique, non-factory variations.

When you can change just about every thing that makes your Glock a Glock, we have to ask: Could a Glock be over-accessorized? What happens when you take a Glock 19 and deck it out with aftermarket accessories and throw a healthy dose of custom work on top of all of it? Does performance begin to drop from factory standards or are the improvements worth the investment? Griffon Industries, a company that specializes in producing Kydex holsters and calendars with scantily clad women with guns, decided to modify one of its Glock 19s to find out.

With the goal of modifying a 9mm compact Glock 19 Gen 3 (G19) pistol to become an even more effective shooter, Griffon Industries founder Jeff Lai turned to the immense Glock aftermarket industry for help. Let’s take a moment to point out that because there are myriad aftermarket parts available for each factory component, part choice is crucial for this type of project.

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