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Preview – Mesa Tactical’s Kel-Tec KSG

It's not a far stretch to say that Kel-Tec's newest offering looks like it came fresh off the set of one of the Alien movies or even the upcoming remake of RoboCop. (Seriously, they are remaking the '80s classic RoboCop – look it up. And for the record, we can't wait.) That is to say, the Kel-Tec KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun) is a seriously modern shotgun with features built into it that match its advanced looks. Looking to push the shotgun's envelope further is Mesa Tactical, a premier aftermarket shotgun accessories maker, with its SureShell Shotshell Carrier and Rail systems for the KSG.

Kel-Tec made a splash at the 2010 SHOT Show with its prototype KSG. What people saw there took them by surprise. With its sleek angles, bullpup layout, and dual magazine tubes, the KSG certainly didn't look like any of the traditional shotguns at the firearms industry trade show. It's been well more than a year since the prototype's debut, and we're looking forward to getting acquainted with the production model. Mesa Tactical allowed us an up-close look at the KSG that it's been working on.

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Holding its own through 2020, check out how the KSG lines up against other tactical shotguns.

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2 responses to “Preview – Mesa Tactical’s Kel-Tec KSG”

  1. Warren C Knight says:

    It would be really very nice if Kel-Tec were as interested in getting the KSG into the hands of consumers as they seem to be in generating hype. At the last gun show I attended, the owner of a major gun store and indoor range had his ‘demo’ KSG for sale, the price was a little higher than the MSRP of $880. He had it priced at $2400, and sold it for nearly $2000. I’d rather wait until Kel-Tec goes into buisness or hell freezes over, whichever comes first, before handing over that much money to that thieving dick. Anyway, hype has an expiration date, and the supply and demand dynamic is just that: dynamic. Time to strike while the iron’s hot Kel-Tec!

  2. Cal Sadler says:

    I was wondering if anyone there might be able to tell me where I might find a Mesa Tactical Surshell Carrier for the Kel-Tec KSG? Thanks, Cal

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