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Preview – Short Shot 870 AOW

After laying eyes on this pistol-gripped shotgun for the first time, images of driving a testosterone-fueled muscle car down a post apocalyptic high-way, while battling crazed biker gangs, vividly came to mind. Its looks are definitely what caught our attention, and its compact size and 12-gauge capability are what drew us in to take a closer look.

St. Charles, Missouri-based C&S Metall-Werkes has more than 25 years experience in firearms retail, manufacture, modification, and repair. This class 2 manufacturer can build everything from M2. 50 caliber “Ma Deuce” machine guns to 37mm cannons and more. When we found out the company also built NFA shotguns, we wanted in on a piece of the action. We had the chance to tkae its 12.5-inch barrel-length Remington 870 Any Other Weapon (AOW) scattergun out for a spin.

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