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Prototype Holosun Red Dot Teased & New Gen 2 Models At SHOT

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While most eyes were on the new Gen 2 models of Holosun red dots, we caught a glimpse of aHolosun prototype red dot quietly dropped on the floor by Holosun to gauge reactions to the concept.

The not yet named proof of concept isn't just interesting in that it is designed for MOS style pistols and no longer uses an adapter plate, but also because the dot is solar power only. No batteries to change here.

Interestingly, Holosun like took some inspiration from the Noblex-Docter sight that replaces the MOS cover plate with the optic. This dispenses with the adapter plate so you only have to worry about ensuring that one set of screws are tight rather than worrying that the unreachable screws that normally hide under the optic. A loss of zero as a result of a loose MOS plate could be a thing of the past if Holosun runs with the idea.

While not a new concept, stretching the electronics out over the entire MOS slot allowed them to keep the overall size of the dot to a minimum allowing for the use of standard height sights rather that suppressor height sights.

Remember how we said it was solar only? A Holosun rep told us that the dot would run for 2,000 hours on a 6 to 8-hour charge.

The two models of the prototype Holosun floating about the show were the all too obvious Glock MOS pattern and the far more elusive P10 pattern optic. Note that both variants of the prototype even have slide serration features in the housing that mate up with the slide's factory serrations.

Holosun's Updated Second Gen Models

As far as the second generation red dots, Holosun had quite the selection on display. First up is the updated HS508T that incorporates a new side load battery compartment as well as larger, easier to use controls. The second gen optic still retains the circle dot reticle that made the original so popular with those that have poor eyesight.

As was the case on the first gen, the HS507C was very close in performance with the exception of the hS508T being made of titanium and the standard model being built from more conventional aluminum.

All of the updated second-gen models use larger, easier to activate rubber buttons instead of the tiny eraser heads used on the first-gen models. Thank the lord.

Also on the firing line at Industry Day at the Range was the new slim HS507K. mounted to a Glock 48 churched up by Agency. Holosun carried the same features and controls over to the slimmer housing, you still get the three reticle options to choose from.

The dot that got us the most excitedwas the HS509T, Holosun's new enclosed emitter dot.

The new enclosed emitter dot uses a mounting system that appears to be close in design to Aimpoint's ACRO without breaking out some tools to remove the optic. There was a clamp visible on the left side of the housing that appeared to be nearly identical to the ACRO but sadly Holosun says that the HS509 will not share mounts with the ACRO and referred to it as “proprietary.”

Like the rest of the Holosun line, the HS509 uses a solar panel on the top of the housing to stretch the battery as far as possible.

Holosun also carried the new side load battery compartment over to the HS509.

You can find more information about the Holosun lineup on Holosun's website. We will be sure to bring you more information about the prototype Holosun MRDS as we find out more.

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