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Puna Knife Pairs Firearm Flare With Multi-Tool Functions

Written by Jacki Billings

London based 3Coil delivers a new compact multi-tool, the Puna, designed to give gun enthusiasts some carbine aesthetics paired with practical everyday tools.

The Puna Knife is a slim-line every day carry multi-tool that packs a handful of tools into its 3-inches of length. Styled with a rifle look, the stainless steel design boasts a No. 11 scalpel blade with “barrel” handle, key-chain stock with integrated bottle opener, micro screwdriver, and two screwdriver bits (flat and pozi).


3Coil says its scalpel design isn’t relegated to wannabe medics. Instead, the scalpel offers users a precision blade with the ability to swap out blades as needed. The scalpel is attached to the multi-tool using two screws which can be removed using the Puna's silencer shaped micro screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, any No. 11 blade can be traded in.

“Most of us have been in a situation where we have arrived at an airport, forgetting the sharp object at the bottom of our bag – with the Puna, you can just detach and dispose of the blade and buy a new one when you land, without having to throw away your precious knife,” 3Coil said.


Though the Kickstarter campaign launched in early December, 3Coil has been developing the Puna for over a year. With just over 20 days left, the Puna campaign has already been fully funded with over $160,000 pledged by well over 3,000 backers.

Concentrating its efforts on producing a sharp knife accompanied by useful EDC tools, 3Coil says the Puna's success is due to its “modern world” appeal.


“We didn’t just want to build a beautiful desk toy: we wanted something which worked as well as it looked,” 3Coil explained. “After an exhaustive process talking to manufacturers who could match our eye for detail and create what we wanted, we found one who can help us mass produce our beautiful designs.”

Running until Jan. 18, interested consumers can still jump into early bird Puna pricing, which starts around $30 for the multi-tool and case.


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