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Radical Sinter Titanium Suppressor: New Quick Attach 3D-Printed Can

Radical Firearms has added a new 3D-printed suppressor to its lineup, the Sinter Titanium Suppressor. As its name implies, it's manufactured using 3D additive manufacturing, comprised entirely of titanium 6AI-4V. This makes it very light, at just 16 ounces, while also being strong and durable.

Radical Sinter

It's a monolithic design, accommodating calibers up to 7.62mm. Radical says it's been tested as hearing-safe with calibers from 22WMR to 300WM, measuring it at 136.7dB with a 12.5-inch 308. The Sinter Titanium suppressor is 8 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter, with a honeycomb pattern on its exterior to dissipate heat. It's also full-auto rated, the better to convert sizable amounts of money into fun, for those so inclined.

Unlike Radical's previous direct-thread silencers and integrally-suppressed weapon systems, the new can features a quick-attach system, using a proprietary muzzle brake taper mount design.

The Sinter Titanium Suppressor will retail for $899 and be offered with black or desert tan Cerakote coating.

Stay tuned for more on Radical's Sinter Titanium Suppressor when we get our hands on it.


Make: Radical Firearms
Model: Sinter Titanium Suppressor
Caliber: Up to 7.62mm
Material: Titanium 64 (Ti-6AI-4v)
Length: 8 inches
Diameter: 1.75 inches
Weight: 16 ounces
MSRP: $899

2 responses to “Radical Sinter Titanium Suppressor: New Quick Attach 3D-Printed Can”

  1. IM Stoner says:

    I downloaded some suppressor CAD files from GrabCad, got my 07/02 license and printed some cans with an online metal print bureau on an ATF waiver. I too am a suppressor manufacturer, and don’t have to stock anything at all! I have them printed and sent to you! Wheee!

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