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Approximately a year ago I ran the often-watched ‘Cut You Down' video from GLin on Reactions and comments, predictably, fell into two camps. The first (thankfully smaller) group were “haters and trolls” who criticized the shooters in the video and second-guessed their tactics. It is significant that most of those people were less than specific, and sometimes factually wrong. The larger group by and large felt the same as me. To wit, it's a great video that shows Americans getting out on the range, training and enjoying themselves while striving to improve their skills. Can you really ask any more than that?

This video and the people in it — armed citizen, military and LEOs alike — are exactly the sort of folks we should be applauding. It certainly inspires me to get out to the range more, and even better it is a great force multiplier for unplugging son, nephews and nieces and taking them to a little place I like to call “outside”.

Thank for sharing, Mr. Lin. Keep it up.

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