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Raven Concealment’s New Vanguard II Advanced Now Shipping

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Raven Concealment recently announced the release of their new VanGard II Advanced. As the name indicates, it's an updated and improved version of their popular VanGard II minimalist holster. The holster itself remains identical to its predecessor but they've added a specially designed claw (reminiscent of and based on the Eidolon) to rotate the butt of a holstered handgun into the wearer's torso. Note that the VGIIA does not have the Eidolon wedge, just the claw.

The holster kit has 2 claws (for left- or right-handed draw) and 2 overhook clips (1.5 in. and 1.75 in.), the latter making the holster quicker and easier to put on and take off. A soft loop remains an option for those who prefer it. Upgrade kits for previous incarnations of the VanGard II have not yet been officially promised but rumor control has them available at some point (and not too terribly far off, if we were to take bets on it). Where the VGIIA and the retro kit fall in the release queue relative to the long-awaited VGIII (which we're hoping is for an WML) is unclear, but we're hearing word the latter might be seen as soon as Thanksgiving.

The VGIIA, like the VGII before it, is a true minimalist holster. Though it doesn't lend itself well to repeated draws and reholstering (like you'd do at a pistol course) it is one of the best holsters there is for hiding a firearm securely (and is particularly well suited for females who want to dress like females).

VanguardIIAdvanced - 02

VanguardIIAdvanced - 01

The VanGard II Advanced is currently available only for the Glock series of pistols (not including the G42 and G43). Other models will be made available eventually, but according to RCS the sheer number of Glocks purchased vs. other breeds and models militated a Glock-centric launch.

Asked if they chose Glock because they think they're superior to other weapons RCS replied,

“There are more 9mm Glocks sold every year than most companies sell in all calibers and all models. We're not saying they are ‘superior,' but we are going to release new products for them first because of how large of a consumer base they represent.”

Because capitalism, bitches.

You can buy yours here.

Tip of the hat to F3 Tactical and BattleComp for pictures since, you know, we didn't get one early. *sigh*

vga 9

vga 10

Raven Concealment Systems is online here. You can follow them on Instagram (@ravenconcealment) or on Facebook.

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